Historical museum of Serbia

Historical museum of Serbia is one of many Belgrade museums which for the last 55 years has been proudly exhibiting the rich historical collections of our country’s turbulent past.

Historical museum of Serbia

Historical museum of Serbia is an institution which strived for so long to find its well-deserved place at the cultural and educational sphere in this country. Due to political turmoil and the events that took place in post-war Yugoslavia after the rise of a new political and ideological system to the positions of power, and also due to the fact that the Serbian people were, in terms of population, the largest constitutional nation in former Yugoslavia whose royal family ruled the area before the war, the history of our nation turned out to be a taboo topic, the history everyone wanted to keep quiet of.
For all of this, the process of establishing the museum stretched over several stages, starting from 1950 until 20 February 1963, when the institution was officially established and named the Historical museum of Serbia.

After being moved several times, today the Historical museum of Serbia is very conveniently located, in the heart of the city, near the Serbian Parliament building, and right across the square of famous Nikola Pasic. The solid, stone-covered building offers the fantastic collection which faithfully reflects the history of the Serbian people, and the historical artefacts, as the legacy of the past, have remained to tell us and some generations to come, the stories about the turbulent history of Serbia and Serbian people.

In addition to the central building which used to be the seat of the Privileged agrarian bank, whose treasury safes are an ideal place for the museum depot, this institution also includes the building of the Residence of Prince Milos in Topcider area. The Residence is a historical artefact in itself as it is the authentic residence which belonged to one of the most relevant figures in Serbian history whose wise decisions allowed Serbia to gain independence from the Ottoman Empire and transform into a modern European country. In addition to the enjoyable surrounding of Topcider park, one of the most charming green oasis in Belgrade where all the visitors will find the perfect place to relax and enjoy during summer days, the interior of the Residence offers authentic items and decorations from the period of Prince Milos and give us the perfect illustration of this period of our past.


Ever since it was established and even today, the rooms of Historical museum of Serbia not only host the permanent exhibitions, but some very prominent and important cultural events, and very often considered as the most memorable exhibitions in the country. The exhibitions, such as “The official clothes in Serbia during the XIX and XX century”, “The silence of the weapons – the collection of weapons and military equipment from the collection of the Historical museum of Serbia”, “The Karadjordjevic and Obrenovic families in the collections of the Historical museum of Serbia”, and “Mihajlo Pupin – from physical to spiritual reality” have made a lasting memory and constantly remind us of the importance of this cultural and educational institution, both for the country and all of us. 

This February is very important for the Historical museum of Serbia, because 20th February marks the 55th anniversary of this institution. For this occasion, the museum will host a number of very interesting events and free visits to various thematic exhibitions.

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