Belgrade symphony 2017

Belgrade Philharmonic Orchestra is planning to give a pure treat to its home city and all its guests in a spectacular open-air concert at Usce on June 25, at 20.00.

Belgrade symphony 2017

Ever since 1923, Belgrade Philharmonic Orchestra has been the institution which, through its magnificent performance, brought the masterpieces of world renowned composers closer to all Belgrade citizens and all lovers of classical music from all around the world, offering the unique and timeless experience.

This very year, and more precisely, on June 25, Belgrade Philharmonic Orchestra decided to provide a treat to all Belgrade citizens, by organising a unique and magnificent event – the free-of-charge open-air concert! On this day, the venue which in the past 15 years was the place where some of the most memorable and varied music styles and performers could be heard, starting from the famous hits performed by the Rolling Stones, all the way to our own performers, including Bajaga i instruktori, Riblja Corba, and folk diva Ceca, will be home to timeless notes of Georges Bizet, Brahms, Wagner, Mozart and other iconic composers who had long ago reserved their place in world music history. This unique event will be held in the vicinity of the former Federal Executive Council building (The Palace Serbia), at the site where, for decades, the Belgrade Philharmonic orchestra’s new concert hall has been planned for building. This venue will also be the future permanent address of this institution, and it’s more than deserved, as this is the institution which has been proudly representing Belgrade and Serbia for almost a century.


In addition to its desire to provide the pure joy to numerous classical music lovers, Belgrade Philharmonic Orchestra and the organisers intend to educate our citizens and make the famous composers and their oeuvre more appealing to the general public. This unique “picnic” event at Usce location will offer all Belgrade residents and visitors not only the spectacular fun, but the education as well.

This is the first time such event has been organised in Belgrade, and what is particularly striking is that all the citizens will have the opportunity at the orchestra’s web site to vote for the music pieces to be performed that evening, and by doing so take direct participation in creating the repertoire.

If you’re planning to spend this June 25 in Belgrade, check out the portal and choose an apartment among our great variety of accommodation. If you’re fond of classical music, we recommend that you look for the apartment in New Belgrade, and within a couple of minutes, you’ll be at the location which should be the home to this event. Afterwards, all you need to do is submit yourself to wonderful sounds and enjoy the pleasant Belgrade summer night.

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