FEST 2017 When movies are in spotlight

Starting on 24 February and all until 5 March 2017, Belgrade will host the 45th International Film Festival - FEST, one of the most relevant culture events in the city dedicated to the art of filmmaki

FEST 2017 When movies are in spotlight

Starting on 24 February and all until 5 March 2017, Belgrade will host the 45th International Film Festival – FEST 2017. The event is by far one of the most relevant culture events in the city.

Since 1971 when the first FEST came to life, and until the present time, this festival has been welcoming the iconic film directors and their achievements. Some of them even gained the international reputation on this very festival.

The importance of FEST is underpinned by the fact that there have been so many movie stars from all around the world and from all eras who have actually recognised its value and its unique atmosphere. From its very beginning, numerous movie stars have visited this festival and openly supported its work, with a genuine desire to reveal to our audience all the best that the world cinematography has to offer. Peter Fonda, Dennis Hopper, Robert de Niro, Jack Nicholson, Kirk Douglas, Francis Ford Coppola, Miloš Forman, Bernardo Bertolucci, Roman Polanski, Monica Bellucci, Johnny Depp, are some of the legendary movie figures who have visited FEST, adding a subtle hint of distant Hollywood-like glamour.

One of the main features of the festival and the city it is held in is its openness. During its 45-year-long history, FEST has always been open to all the authors and films that offer the undisputed quality, regardless of the country of origin. Through these films, the FEST audience has therefore had the opportunity to become familiar with the less known, yet high-quality film industries, to get to know the cultures, people and social environment in these distant countries and regions.

The year 2015 also marks the beginning of the competitive character of the festival, where the jury votes for the best films in each category. An additional award was introduced at the time – “Belgrade winner”, as an award for the exceptional contribution to the film industry and life-long achievements, usually awarded to honorary guests of the festival.

This year‘s FEST offers numerous and various selections with some of the highest quality films in their categories. Our recommendations are GALA 45, MAIN COMPETITION PROGRAMME, MAIN OUT OF COMPETITION PROGRAMME, and SERBIAN FILM. Don’t forget the OPENING FILM – as a rule, this is the film considered to be the outstanding artistic achievement and as such deserves to be at the festival opening ceremony. The opening film of the FEST 2017 festival will come from the renowned Serbian and international director, Emir Kusturica, “On the Milky Road.”

In addition to these selections, there are also some others which call for attention, such as FESTIĆ, the programme intended for the youngest and offers the high quality feature and animated films aiming to educate the younger generations, from their early years, and help them learn how to recognise the superb film achievements.

In addition to movie shows, the festival also provides a number of other events dedicated to the art of filmmaking, such as publications, exhibitions and conferences.

This year’s festival programme will take place in the well-known venue Sava Centre, the traditional home to opening and closing ceremony of the festival. Also, the films will be shown in the Belgrade Youth Centre, Cultural Centre Hall and cinemas Fontana and Cineplexx Ušće. Different programmes and projections will also take place in Yugoslav Film Archive, Film Archive Museum, and the Cultural centre “Vlada Divljan.”.

As we consider ourselves to be the genuine fans of filmmaking, and have been the regular visitors of this iconic Belgrade event for decades, the web site noviapartmani.com recommends the following must-see films:
First and foremost - “On the Milky Road” will also be shown at the festival opening. Directed by Emir Kusturica, and the cast being Monica Bellucci, Miki Manojlović, Sergej Trifunović and Sloboda Mićalović.
Next, we recommend “Nocturnal Animals” directed by Tom Ford. The category MAIN OUT OF COMPETITION PROGRAMME, we can recommend the film “Paterson”, directed by famous Jim Jarmusch. The category SERBIAN FILM also offers some interesting titles, one of which is “Train Driver’s Diary”. Category FEST 45 offers the film “American Pastoral” directed by Ewan McGregor. Finally, the closing film of the 2017 festival also deserves our recommendation. This is the famous Scorsese’s film “Silence”, an epic 17th century Japan story on samurai, their code and resistance to changes.

If you’re planning to visit Belgrade, do take some time and choose at least one film to watch. If this is your first time in our capital, then you’ve arrived at the right time. This is the time of the year when Belgrade is all about movies, the art and the glamour which goes quite well along with the movies.

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