Josipa Lisac in Belgrade once again

Josipa Lisac, one of the genuine living legends of the music scene from this region is to perform for her Belgrade audience on Valentine's Day.

Josipa Lisac in Belgrade once again

On Valentine’s Day, 14th February 2020, the famous Josipa Lisac is to perform at the Sava Center venue in New Belgrade.

This person with a unique voice that belongs to a past time as well as this one, and in fact, we can say that it does not belong to any time period at all, will once again rejoice the loyal Belgrade audience and reward everyone with her distinctive style and interpretation that no one can match. Her fans in Belgrade never miss any of her concerts and are equally looking forward to her every performance. The Sava Center venue, which was built in the 1970s, still echoes that era, which is why it is simply perfect for her and her performance. In addition, Josipa Lisac will celebrate her 70th birthday with this concert.

This famous Croatian singer was born on February 14, 1950 in Zagreb. From a young age, she would listen to music and grow interested in singing. She was a member of the children's choir and even then she won awards for performing classical music. This, however, did not fully determine the direction of her career as she began her music career as a member of rock bands „O Hara“ and „Golden Chords“. Her solo career began in late 1960s when she performed at festivals and recorded albums.

Her friendship and collaboration with the Croatian musician Karl Metikos made a turning point in her life and in music. The fruit of their collaboration in 1973 was the album "The Diary of a Love", which was later listed and today represents one of the most important albums recorded in Croatia, and even in this region in general.

In 1970s she recorded jazz pieces with some very prominent jazz musicians and made the following songs: „Nema sunca“, Moj smješni dječače, „Čovjek s tisuću mana“. Her appearance and performance indeed make her unique and recognisable. Her greatest hit „Gdje Dunav ljubi nebo“ is one of many frequently heard on radio stations in the region. Other popular songs include „O jednoj mladosti“, „Srela sam se s njim“, „Sreća“, „Magla“, „Danas sam luda“.

This eccentric, brave and talented singer has never been fond of mediocrity and has retained her unique style both in her appearance and as a music diva. Her music remained specific, recognizable in style and interpretation. Her songs are full of emotion and melancholy, yet energetic and unrepeatable. And after so many years of creation, she continues to come on stage filled with wonderful energy and with pure joy, the same way she is welcomed by her audience.

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