Kalemegdan fortress welcomes a new festival - Deviant Nights

All the fans of techno, rave and house music should be more than happy as Belgrade embraces another music festival packed with these genres.

Kalemegdan fortress welcomes a new festival - Deviant Nights

On 29th and 30th June, Kalemegdan fortress will host another great weekend. This time it’s all about Deviant Nights Festival, a genuine treat for all club goers in Belgrade and its numerous visitors. The festival promises to gather a number of prominent DJs, and popular as well in this region. Deviant Nights Festival will last for two nights.

On the first evening on 29th June, the stage will be reserved for Giorgia Angiuli, Betoko and Jelly For The Babies.

The solo project of Italian Giorgie Angiuli moves smoothly between pop music, techno and house. With her voice, she is able to make an entirely different dimension, made more intensified through using some of unusual instruments, and in this case, we’re talking about toys. During the set, she is bound to use the keyboards, drums and theremin, combined with the sounds of children flute, sax, trumpet and many other toys. The mixture of sounds makes an incredible energetic melody, simply forcing you to dance.

Betoko is a DJ currently under the global spotlight in the electro music genre. His creative approach is perfectly recognisable and is a blend of techno, minimal and house music. His global hit „Raining Again“ has already reserved its place in the electro music history.

Marijan Rašković, aka Jelly For The Babies is a project which came to life in 2007. It’s predominantly based on melodic sounds with rich vocals from three different genres - Deep, Progressive and Tech House. Jelly is the sort of musicians who literally lives the music.

On the second evening on 30th June, the audience will have the opportunity to enjoy the sounds of Christian Loeffler, Aril Brikha and Hybrid.

Music of Christian Loeffler is hard to categorise under the regular music genres. He suggests that this is rather a combination of melancholy and euphoria, with a possible blend of all sorts of acoustic patterns.

And how on earth are we to define the music of fantastic Aril Brikha? Techno, deep house, or house – the clear distinction and typical features are by no means visible in his creative oeuvre. For the last two decades, Brikha was diligently developing his way, independent from the current trends and reserved his place on the music stage as one of the major innovators in the field.

The second evening will also be the opportunity to meet the Hybrid, a producer and DJ from Sarajevo. His main goal is to create the authentic and recognisable dance music, through specific music production and abundant emotions, along with deep ambience sounds.

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