New Year's Eve in Belgrade

Belgrade, like always, provides fantastic fun for craziest night, be with your dearest in unforgettable joy and don’t forget to make a wish at midnight.

New Year's Eve in Belgrade


Everyone loves when it’s that time of the year and when holidays and celebrations became almost daily so many older people and youngsters feel like kids again. After many Slavas in Serbia there is time to celebrate New Year then Christmas and then another New Year and after Slavas again. As you can see people in Serbia love to have fun and to celebrate so it’s not unusual that Belgrade was declared to be among top destinations in the world for fun and good time. If you don’t believe come and see for yourself, especially when it comes to “the craziest night of the year”. Around 150 thousand foreign tourists visit capital city of Serbia and many of them spend night to remember. Most visitors are from nearby countries from Balkans like Slovenia, Bulgaria and Croatia but there are also many guests from other European countries and the world.

Open Heart market

Modeled by Christmas markets in big world metropolis Belgrade joined that way of celebrating in central city squares. Manifestation will last from 1st of December to 1st of February and it will be open every day from 10 in the morning to 11 in the evening on Republic square. Visitors will have opportunity to try many holiday delicious treats like chimney cake, sweets, lollipops, wurst - sausages and barbeque and on top of that to enjoy in mulled wine, boiled rakija, ciders and other warm beverages. Like every year this event will again be for charity where some of the funds will go to neglected children. During weekends there will be appropriate musical program for youngest with children choirs and performances of young soloists accompanied by DJ Santa Claus.

Outside celebration

Main event organized by city of Belgrade will be in front of National Assembly of Republic of Serbia. There are many apartments in our offer that are in city center and in proximity of the place where celebration will be held so you can stay in them and have a proper holiday that you deserve. First of many concerts will be on Thursday 29th of December in Sava promenade - Belgrade waterfront, there will be performance of Kiki Lesandrić - Piloti and Tropiko band. On the square in front of assembly there will be warm up concert on Friday 30th of December of famous Yugoslavian rock band Bijelo dugme and singer Aca Lukas. For main event on Saturday 31st of December there will be big concert of Bajaga i instruktori and Plavi orkestar band with lavish fireworks when clock strikes midnight. Another organized New Year’s eve celebration will be in New Belgrade, close to municipality building with concert of Inspektor Blaža and Vlado Georgijev.


Clubs and taverns

If you are not in the mood to be outside on cold weather you have rich choice for indoor fun. All cafes, clubs and taverns organize program for that special evening and in most of them there will be trumpet orchestras after midnight and with them party is guaranteed. Most of places will have all inclusive option where guests will have unlimited drinks and somewhere even food with their reservation, prices are for every budget from 25 to 50 euros according to which place you choose. If you choose this type of going out you will need reservation in advance so keep in mind to book it.

New Year’s Eve #2

If you didn’t had fun for main night don’t worry because you will have opportunity to repeat same celebration next day. For New Year’s Eve repetition you will have performance of S.A.R.S. group and Beogradski sindikat in New Belgrade. In clubs and taverns prices will be much more affordable compared to previous night and in some places you can find entrance even for free but you will have to make reservation in advance. If you don’t have luck for that night too, there will be final opportunity to have great fun for Serbian New Year celebration on 13th of January.

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