Nick Cave returns to Belgrade

Renowned musician Nick Cave will once again perform in Belgrade this summer, but this time without his iconic band

Nick Cave returns to Belgrade

Nick Cave will once again be a guest in the capital, this time without his band "The Bad Seeds". Nick Cave will once again be a guest in the capital, this time without his band "The Bad Seeds". Specifically, the legendary Australian musician will perform "Into My Arms", "Red Right Hand", "The Ship Song", and other hits on the piano, accompanied by Colin Greenwood, the bassist of Radiohead.

Nick Cave will perform at the Geozavod plateau in Belgrade Waterfront as part of the Belgrade River Fest.

Nick Cave, a timeless rock icon, will once again perform in the Serbian capital, this time without his band "The Bad Seeds". This summer, Nick will perform a concert accompanied by piano, as well as with the support of musician Colin Greenwood, the bassist of Radiohead.

Nick will perform as part of the "Belgrade River Fest" festival. Nick's concert will take place at the Geozavod plateau within Belgrade Waterfront, in a specially designed ambiance and with top-notch production that will fully support the artist's vision of an intimate atmosphere to accompany his performance. Nick Cave is synonymous with excellence: with his exceptional voice, emotional lyrics, and authentic performances, he is simply a synonym for musical perfection. Cave takes the audience on an emotional rollercoaster, from sorrow to joy, from melancholy to ecstasy. Due to the atmosphere and the specific characteristics of the Geozavod plateau location, the concert will undoubtedly be a special experience as Nick Cave's music will be experienced in a closer and more intimate way than ever before.

Attendees at the concert will have the privilege of hearing hits such as "Into My Arms", "Red Right Hand", "The Ship Song", as well as many other songs from his rich discography. Additionally, visitors to this unique concert will have the opportunity to feel the spiritual strength and emotional depth that each note of Cave's music brings.

For those who don't know, the Belgrade River Fest is a unique summer festival held on the plateau in front of the Geozavod building in the area of "Belgrade Waterfront". The extraordinary ambiance, which brings together the most beautiful blend of historical and modern Belgrade, will bring freshness and a new spirit to Belgrade's cultural life. The Belgrade River Fest represents an exclusive open-air concert hall!

This year's River Fest will also feature the famous Greek performer Antonis Remos, whose velvety voice has already won the hearts of many, making him the most popular Greek singer of his generation. His songs are among the most listened to, and his concerts are a real pleasure for the audience, who not only enjoy the masterful interpretation but also witness a true musical show. Remos has become an international sensation with the support of fans worldwide.

If you are a fan of good music and the legendary Nick Cave and plan to visit the Serbian capital during the Belgrade River Fest, be sure to organize yourself in time and secure tickets for this unique spectacle for yourself and your friends. Organize accommodation in Belgrade, which may not be easy to find. However, don't despair! Just visit the New Apartments website and check out what is available in the Belgrade Waterfront section under the "Apartments" category.

Enjoy the Belgrade summer!

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