Sevdah night in Belgrade

Sevdalinka as a specific musical expression typical of Bosnia is increasingly seen in the neighbouring countries, including Belgrade, which is to host the “Sevdalinka night”.

Sevdah night in Belgrade

One of the most beloved forms of musical expression in Bosnia has always been sevdalinka - the traditional, folk love songs full of emotion and passion. The origin of the name “sevdalinka” and “sevdah” is the Arab word „säwda“ which means love, as a fundamental and mandatory part of each sevdalinka. These songs are slow-paced and melancholic, performed with passion and fervour.

Although they come from Bosnia, these songs can be heard in Serbia and throughout the region, and even beyond. Lately, many artists have been attempting to popularize this music, changing the way they perform and interpret it. Some of the most famous male and female vocals known for the unique traditional rendition of these love songs are Himzo Polovina, Nedžad Salković, Beba Selimović, Nada Mamula. In addition to the folk music performers for whom sevdalinka is the main form of music expression, musicians from other genres often experiment with this form of performance and produce some interesting sevdah songs. Some of the most famous sevdalinka performers were Josipa Lisac, Zdravko Colic, Tose Proeski and others.

The "Sevdalinka Night" is traditionally held in Belgrade every year where the most important sevdalinka performers are brought together and accompanied by the orchestra and traditional instruments in order to present the best and most famous sevdah songs to the audience. This year, " Sevdalinka Night" will be held on November 8 at the Sava Center, and on that occasion, Nedžad Salković, Nedeljko Bilkić, Biljana Krstic and the orchestra of maestro Dinko Mujanović will perform.

This interesting event will be preceded by a concert by the famous and world-renowned sevdalinka singer Amira Medunjanin, who will perform at the Sava Center on October 25, 2019. Every year, Amira performs in front of the packed Sava Center Hall, to the delight and joy of her faithful audience. The way in which she performs these emotional and melancholy songs is evidenced by the popularity that Amira has gained much beyond Bosnia and the entire region. Most recently, she has performed in Amsterdam, Prague, Boston, Sydney, Los Angeles. With her voice clear and painful, perfect for this type of music, Amira perfectly captures the traditional melodies combined with jazz and some new sounds. Through experimenting, she explores and creates new music, always relying on the tradition and songs she has learned from her mother, whom she will gladly present to Belgrade audience.

Whether you like this specific musical form of expression or not, if you were planning to visit the capital of Serbia at the end of October, be sure to plan on time for this indeed extraordinary concert as well. Make sure as well that you book on time your perfect accommodation, and you can find plenty of these in the section New Belgrade, as this area will make you really well-connected to all other parts of the city, and at the same time, you’ll be really near the Sava Center hall.

Enjoy the Sevdalinka Night and enjoy Belgrade!

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