51. Zaječar guitar rhapsody 2017

From June, 29 to July, 01 the city of Zaječar will host the 51st Guitar Fest, the longest lasting rock music festival in Europe – the must-be-there event for all hard rock lovers

51. Zaječar guitar rhapsody 2017

For more than half a century, a city in east Serbia is tirelessly committed to organising a rock festival so resistant and vigorous in maintaining the tradition and subculture of rock music in this area. We’re sure you already know what this is all about – the famous Zaječar Guitar Fest, the so-called Gitarijada.

The 51st annual Gitarijada takes place from June, 29 to July, 01 during which Zaječar will host a number of regional and world rock legends.

The fun fact, for all skeptics and the young people over there, which could perhaps find its place in Believe it or not section, is that Zaječar Gitarijada is the oldest rock music festival in Europe. And indeed, this festival has been taking place for more than 50 years in this very city in east Serbia, and has for so long refused to say NO to the rock riffs, so dedicated to maintaining the rock tradition, immensely popular among the Serbian audience from its very roots.


Visitors of this year’s Gitarijada should expect a wonderful line-up of bands. June 29 is reserved for Serbian legendary bands Riblja Čorba and Bajaga & Instruktori, and there’s a real treat for all the visitors on June 30 – the concert of British band The Cult.
July 01 is also reserved for Serbian rock band Generacija 5.

In addition to these headliners, the stadium Kraljevica will also host some rather unknown demo bands that will pave the way for rock ‘n’ roll in Serbia and in the region. These will also participate in the annual competition of the bands, and the winners will receive some of the two Gitarijada awards – “Jury award for the best band” and “Audience award for the best band”.

Throughout its long history, this festival has put a public spotlight on a number of musicians and demo bands who have afterwards become exceptionally renown and influenced the rock genre in the region. Some Serbian bands, such as Galija, Kazna za uši, Ništa ali logopedi, Bjesovi became publicly recognised only after appearing on Gitarijada festival.

So far, this festival has hosted a great number of regional and world bands, such as Guano Apes, Leibach, the famous Serbian and regional bands Kerber, Parni Valjak, Vlatko Stefanovski, Džiboni, Eysburn, Van Gogh, Let 3, Orthodox Celts, Hladno pivo, Obojeni program, Love Hunters and many many others.


The main program is followed by a lot of entertaining and cultural events, such as the rock exhibitions and other interesting music-related events. As always, the traditional gathering of bikers from Serbia and the region is planned, as the inevitable part of any rock event.

For true fans of rock ‘n’ roll, there is a camp organised at the venue and they will be able to enjoy hanging out with their rock music soul mates.
An important thing to note is that this all comes free of charge – the entrance and use of camp area.

Gitarijada is definitely a place everyone should visit at least once in a lifetime, as this is what the tradition, quality and the accompanying events of this festival certainly deserve. Web site noviapartmani.com recommends to all the fans of rock ‘n’ roll and hard core sound to do a bit of planning in advance, and while they are staying in Belgrade, do spend at least one night in Zaječar in this spectacular event. Considering the distance between Belgrade and Zaječar, the visit, as we already said, requires a bit of planning, but if you’re a true fan of this music and rock ‘n’ roll lifestyle, it shouldn’t be so hard for you to take a trip to our rock ‘n’ roll capital.
All in all, do enjoy your Belgrade stay and explore it as much as possible, and then head for Zaječar to attend the unique and unforgettable Gitarijada.

“Rock ‘n’ roll is eternal as long as its children are faithful, praised be the Lord for its path”- Zoran Kostić Cane.

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