Summer is EXIT

Exit Fest, officially the best European Festival, will be held at Petrovaradin Fortress in Novi Sad, for the eighteenth time in a row, during a period from 12th to 15th July.

Summer is EXIT

In July, Novi Sad has been the main and must-be destination of all festival lovers, not only those from neighbouring republics and other countries of the Old continent, but numerous "festival enthusiasts" all over the world, for already eighteen years in a row. Then, Petrovaradin Fortress becomes a bastion of music, love, youth, unstoppable happiness and positive energy, which goes far beyond the fortress walls.

From its very beginning, Exit festival has received so many awards and is considered a port of elite world and European musical and art festivals. So, in 2014 Exit was awarded "The Best Major European Festival", while in January in 2018 its success was repeated and once again adorned itself with the most significant award in this field. This award is surely a great acknowledgement for all those who have been participating in realisation and development of Exit for almost two decades, starting from creators, through organisers, to volunteers and people, who do their best on-site in order to keep everything all right. This year, Exit besides the main award also got the award for the Best Festival Organiser in Europe, as well as the award "Take a Stand" for social activism.

Besides fantastic organisation and versatile content, what makes this festival so famous and visited is the music performers and bands, which, as a rule, have been the most popular music stars in the world at the moment. This year, Exit Fest will be held from 12th to 15th July and it will gather numerous world musical performers and stars, so everyone who visits this festival will be able to find at least one favourite musician.

So, this year the stage will be reserved for David Guetta, a DJ and producer, known to everyone, even to those who have never listened to electronic music, and also there will be the irresistible artist, fashion icon, supermodel and musical and film star Grace Jones, who will also perform at the main stage. Martin Garrix, a man who entered the world of electronic music as the youngest winner of the award for the best world DJ, will perform at this year’s Exit. Also, Ziggy Marley, reggae icon and son of famous Bob, who in his long career has published the unbelievable 12 albums, will perform in Novi Sad. The fans of hard guitar sound will this year enjoy in unbelievable band, which many of us were raised by - Dog Eat Dog, the guys who in an amazing way successfully combine Hard Core with Hip Hop and Rap genres. Then, there will be German metal veterans, Grave Dogger, as well as increasingly popular musical punk sensation, British duo, Slaves, who will surely thrill all the fans of fast and hard sound.
The festival will feature over 100 performers, so before you head to Novi Sad, make sure you get detailed information at the official site of this festival.

Considering the significance and history of this festival, but also the facts that Novi Sad is located only 90km from Belgrade, which can be reached in less than one hour drive, Novi apartmani strongly suggest to all visitors of Belgrade – fans of all day partying, high-quality music performance by the most popular world musicians, but generally art lovers, to spend at least one whole day (and night) and to visit this world famous and multi-awarded event. Exit represents a way out of a life pattern, the time when at least for a moment we have the opportunity to break away and just be us, borne by waves of good energy and positive spirit of all the participants and guests.

Break away from the pattern, forget about hotels and hostels, and book the luxurious premium accommodation in Belgrade for a reasonable price and without a lot of thinking, head towards Petrovaradin and submit yourself to unlimited enjoyment.

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