Belgrade river experience

Belgrade river clubs are traditionally regarded as favorite tourist places for nights out. But did you know that there are also river cottages, ideal for accommodation and enjoyment?

Belgrade river experience

On Novi apartmani website you can really find a rich selection of authentic, often luxurious apartments in different locations all around Belgrade. Starting from incredibly lavishly equipped apartments with a real swimming pool placed in the middle of the living room, luxury apartments whose interiors are designed by famous architects, all the way to real spa centers that are reserved just for you. However, when visiting Belgrade you probably don’t know that you can actually rent a proper river cottage, which will certainly allow you to experience Belgrade from a completely different perspective.

These river cottages really have everything you need for quality rest and enjoyment. Often richly furnished, they will provide their guests with ultimate comfort and convenience, and all this with the pleasant swaying created by the waves of boats, barges and other river vehicles.

These river cottages are spread over several locations in Belgrade. Some of them, such as the Jakuzzi Splav Apartment, not only offers the charming and tastefully decorated interior, but also provides a spacious professional hydromassage tub from a renowned global manufacturer, which will provide its guests with unique moments of enjoyment in the privacy of their own home. There are, of course, other river cottages that have modern furnishing and air-conditioning, which will allow you to fully enjoy the charms of the river, and if you feel like it, you can also easily set out to explore some of the most well-known places in Belgrade for nightlife – the river clubs where partying never ends.

Check out the website of Novi apartmani and in the section Splavovi pick the accommodation you’ll never forget and maybe return to again.

Enjoy Belgrade rivers, because rivers in Belgrade are an ideal place for relaxation and enjoyment!

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