New Belgrade - Once a swamp and today the most popular hot spot

New Belgrade’s journey from the Danube swamp and the best place for fishing huge pikes, to the business and modern hot spot has gone in a blink of an eye.

New Belgrade - Once a swamp and today the most popular hot spot

New Belgrade, as the largest municipality in Belgrade and the former Yugoslavia, came to life after the WWII as an entirely new settlement on the left bank of the Sava river. The very idea of the construction of this settlement emerged in 1924, as a part of spatial plan for enlargement and relocation of a part of the city across the river. The documents originating from this period show that such an idea was thoroughly developed, with some concrete steps undertaken towards its realisation. However, the start of the construction had to be postponed until the end of the war and three years later, on 11 April 1948 the first foundation of the new settlement was laid. The construction of New Belgrade involved whole brigades of farmers, students and pupils, workers and engineers from all parts of former Yugoslavia. The concrete was hand mixed and the construction material was transported by carriages.

Not long afterwards, New Belgrade becomes dominated by high-rise buildings and multi-story settlements accommodating a great deal of people. The residential blocks in Tosin bunar, Studentski grad and Federal Palace were among the first bigger blocks of buildings that were erected in New Belgrade. In the decades that followed, many other prominent buildings at the time were constructed, such as Genex tower, Central Committee building or Sava Centre venue. Most of these buildings today still remain in their original locations, although some of them have entirely changed their purpose. So, if you’d like to visit the well-known Central Committee building which used to be the place where some of the most important and historic decisions were made at the sessions of the communist party, today, you would end up in a modern shopping mall.


In all its stages of development, New Belgrade, from its very beginning and even today, has grown with immense speed. In the same way, New Belgrade is today home to the first popular shopping centres, such as Usce and Delta City, also there is the Belgrade Arena, the major venue where numerous European and world sports competitions take place, the artistic visual events and concerts. New Belgrade is also a birth place of the Museum of Modern Art and Historical Archives of Belgrade, with fantastic parks and promenades by the river, alongside many restaurants and cafes for enjoyment and partying. Wide and long boulevards and the highway stretching through the very heart of New Belgrade add to the image of constant buzzing and hustling. What is most striking and perhaps the most important in the culture of building and development of New Belgrade is actually its becoming a proper and genuine business city centre. State-of-the-art corporate offices are thriving and the office space is sold out long before it’s actually built. Much of the corporate business is done in this very part of the city. This image is in stark contrast to the initial purpose of this area – it was intended for working classes, and the high-rise concrete buildings were commonly referred to as dormitory quarters as they could accommodate huge number of people. Nowadays, alongside corporate offices, you can find some of the highest quality residential buildings offering modern amenities and comfort beyond everyone’s expectations. Half a century later, New Belgrade has become the most attractive location in Belgrade, whether you want it for living, work or partying.

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