Popular Belgrade restaurants

Belgrade has always followed global trends, and has even been a pioneer in some of them, especially when it comes to entertainment and to food and drinks.

Popular Belgrade restaurants

Recently, we talked about "kafanas" at this place, an authentic gastronomic expression and a sociological concept characteristic of these areas. We listed 5 top Belgrade kafanas that are not only places to visit but also experiences to be had!
This time, we will focus on the hospitality establishments that the prestigious Michelin guide has highlighted and recommended for 2024. Unfortunately, Belgrade, like Serbia, still does not have any prestigious stars from this famous guide, but we are confident that this fact will change very soon.

The Michelin guide for this year has singled out the following five authentic restaurants where one can enjoy the charms of the Serbian capital.
irst, we will mention the restaurant that Novi apartmani also singled out and gladly placed on the list of the best Belgrade restaurants. Of course, we're talking about Klub Književnika restaurant!

It is a hospitality establishment founded back in 1946 by the Association of Writers of Serbia, which over time has managed to develop its own identity. Initially, the restaurant was only available to association members, but over time, it became open to the wider public. Klub Književnika is located at Francuska 7, and seasoned connoisseurs believe that it can easily compete with many Parisian restaurants.

The restaurant's menu is truly impressive, and what simply must be tried is the onion soup with raisins and pine nuts. After that, we recommend the terrine of duck liver with raspberry jelly, followed by glazed prawns with saffron and turbot fillet with mustard crust and vermouth sauce. Finally, indulge in the cold and refreshing coconut, mango, and passion fruit cake.

Michelin experts for this year also recommend the Istok. estaurant. It is a Vietnamese restaurant located in Gospodar Jevremova, full of flavors unusual for Belgrade. The ingredients are fresh and perfectly combined, and the service is very professional and friendly. It's difficult to highlight any of the vibrant dishes and combinations served in this restaurant, but in our opinion, it's definitely the traditional Vietnamese pho soup. According to hedonistic experts, you should also try the glazed duck breasts in red curry, served with stir-fried green vegetables, as well as aromatic curry duck, tender and tasty chicken satay, and delicate pork belly.

Na ćošku is a restaurant of modern international cuisine located in the heart of Belgrade, at the corner of Beogradska and Krunska streets. The restaurant abounds with specialties of Mediterranean, Asian, and vegetarian cuisine, and gastronomic experts suggest starting your enjoyment in this restaurant with white polenta with black truffles in creamy sauce, grilled cheese with walnuts, chicken liver with mushrooms on toasted bread. For the main course, you should try lamb leg in wine with sautéed beans and celery puree, and for dessert, the famous snowballs with a recipe from 1953.

Next on the list is L’Adresse restaurant located in the luxurious setting of the SAINT TEN hotel. The restaurant combines the intimate atmosphere of the hotel with exceptional gastronomic experience. Their rich menu is a blend of international and domestic recipes, prepared using modern culinary techniques, which will satisfy even the most discerning gourmets. In this restaurant, you should definitely try the mild risotto with kumquat and citrus and phenomenal homemade pasta served in lavish sauces.

Although relatively new, the Pinot restaurant has managed to obtain the renowned Michelin recommendation. As its name indirectly suggests, the restaurant has an exceptional wine list, as well as carefully selected ingredients, with the aim of offering the freshest seasonal ingredients every day, guaranteeing an authentic taste recognized by a renowned and trained gourmet palate. The menu is relatively short but skillfully designed and changes every 3 months to highlight the ingredient and in line with the current season. The aforementioned wine list is balanced to include wine classics from famous Serbian winemakers, as well as wines from famous regions such as Burgundy, Bordeaux, Champagne, Tuscany, Ribera del Duero, Wachau, Pfalz, and others.

In the category of recommended restaurants according to the Michelin guide, all last year's restaurants are still included: Salon 1905, Gušti Mora, JaM, Enso, Homa, Magellan, The Square, Legat 1903, Ebisu, Comunale Cafè e Cucina, Mezestoran Dvorište, Langouste, Bela Reka, Metropolitan Grill at the Hyatt Regency hotel, Skylounge at the Hilton hotel, and Twenty Two at the Metropol Palace hotel.

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