Roller skating around Belgrade

One of ideal and entertaining physical activities with so many benefits for the entire body and at the same time an ideal way to spend time in Belgrade.

Roller skating around Belgrade

Roller skating is a skill enjoyed by many active lifestyle enthusiasts from around the globe. The citizens of Belgrade are also no exception and all those who enjoy this activity abundantly head to selected Belgrade locations, simply ideal for exercising this specific way of movement.

Roller skating is a unisex sport that everyone enjoys equally. It brings numerous benefits - first of all, engaging in this activity burns a large amount of calories, so a one-hour ride can burn over 700 calories. Due to the specific movements that are not stressful for the joints, this is also an ideal activity for tightening the lower part of your body. Quadriceps, gluteus and thighs will quickly be shaped and developed thanks to specific "side to side" movements, while at the same time, the cardio effect is hitting some extremely high levels.

Roller skating also has a positive effect on proper posture, attitude and significantly improves coordination. We should not ignore the fact that when skating, just like when we are engaged in running or active cycling, a high level of mental relaxation is achieved, which is beneficial for everyone.

Some of the most suitable and well-known locations for roller skating in Belgrade are certainly Ada Ciganlija beach, the Sava and Zemun promenades, the trails in the blocks in New Belgrade, as well as the Belgrade Waterfront promenade. Thanks to urban development, the construction of a new settlement and the development of this side of the Danube, the lower Dorćol area is also becoming an increasingly attractive location for exercising this physical activity. In addition to safety (the area is not exposed to traffic) and charming natural surroundings, these locations are a good choice for the high quality of the trails, which is certainly a very important factor for roller skaters who do not like holes and uneven surfaces due to small wheels on their roller skates and riding "on the edge".

If you still have not learned how to ride rollerblades, don't worry! In these locations, you can find some really nice schools with patient instructors who will show you everything you need to know about this skill in just a few lessons, and you will have all the time in the world to master and learn the finesse, because just like skiing, this skill is also a life-learning activity.

If you are planning to visit Belgrade and you are a fan of roller skating, be sure to enjoy the charms of this activity in one of the inspiring locations of the Serbian capital. You don't even have to bring your own skates (no matter how well they suit you), as you can rent very high-quality roller skates at the site. Before you head to Belgrade, you should also choose adequate accommodation. Novi apartmani recommends one of the many apartments from the section Apartments with jacuzzi, where you will enjoy the luxury of a private spa center at the price of an ordinary hotel room.

Enjoy your favorite outdoor activity and the accommodation provided to you by Novi apartmani!

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