Picnic areas near Belgrade - I part

Just outside Belgrade you can find picnic areas with fantastic and at times pure and intact nature which provides the much-needed moments of serenity.

Picnic areas near Belgrade - I part

Modern urban environment definitely has numerous advantages. Such environment allows us to be at the very source of everything that’s happening around us, all sorts of goods and services are easily accessible, in a word – such environment provides us with comfort. Urban environment, however, has another face with a highly adverse effect on the mental and physical state of an urban resident – jams, lack of privacy, exposure to pollution – all of which drastically increases the amount of accumulated stress.

That’s why we are facing a rising trend where the areas surrounding the major cities around the world are being turned into the oases of peace – their natural surrounding provides the guests the relief from stress and opportunity to recharge their energy and return fresh to everyday urban turmoil.

For some time, the areas outside Belgrade were rather neglected, however, following the growing needs and modern trends in tourism, the places just outside Belgrade are becoming more and more popular picnic areas, which can easily satisfy even the most discerning visitors.
Some of these places rely on natural resources surrounding them, whereas others have built modern tourist facilities with wide variety of amenities.

In this text, web site noviapartmani.com will pick only a few of many popular picnic areas which are easily accessible, and are therefore suitable for the tourists visiting Belgrade who would like to recharge their energy surrounded by nature and get ready for incoming business or personal challenges.


Lake Duboki potok is located only 30km from the centre of Belgrade.
This lake is of rather newer date and was made after the construction of the dam in early 1990s.


The place has relatively limited history and therefore is not so urban, which, on the one hand, implies the lack of sports-recreation facilities, but, on the other side, the place offers unique tranquillity and peace in the atmosphere dominated by the flat and calm surface of pure water, at the edges of which is thick forest. The absence of pollution is guaranteed by an action plan adopted by local municipality Barajevo, aiming to develop and preserve this natural area as intact for future generations.

At the lake, next to the bank, there’s a pleasant lake restaurant where you can enjoy the local specialities, and the enjoyment in nature is guaranteed.

Although there are plans to build some sports facilities at the banks of this lake, which would definitely attract more people, such plans have not, however, been implemented yet. Regardless of the infrastructural significance of these works, the fact that no specific actions have been done in this respect is what makes the fishermen here genuinely happy. This lake has a local nickname – “The Fisherman’s Paradise”, and judging by the habits of the fishermen population, it is very unlikely that this nickname will stay for long after the number of guests starts increasing. Anyway, noviapartmani.com advises all the guests in Belgrade who are seeking peace and nature to pick one sunny spring day and spend it at this lake.


Nautical village “Biser” (The Pearl) is the first nautical village in Serbia. It’s located in Boljevci, only 35km from the centre of Belgrade. This complex consists of 16 modern water houses and a marina. This is an ideal spot for the boat riders who can sail upstream and reach this oasis on the river Sava.


The water complex is ideal not only for boat lovers, but for all the people wishing to relax, do sports, and of course, do some fishing. Among the series of houses, you can find a restaurant with local cuisine offering great fish dishes, and if you’d like to stay overnight, whole day and night, with breakfast included is only 20eur.

You can reach this oasis by road and even by public transport, however, due to genuine natural environment, noviapartmani.com recommends that you check the water level and make sure that you can actually reach the river bank. If you are visiting Belgrade, and your host has a boat, do ask him to take some time and take you to this oasis on the Sava river. We know he’ll agree!


Bojcin forest is a natural oasis just outside Belgrade, and is only 18km away from Belgrade city centre. The location belongs to the municipality of Surcin. The forest, on the other hand, belongs to the area of Obedska bara (Obedska pond) and is categorised as the swamp forest. The forest is rich in animal species, so it’s not uncommon to come across fawns, rabbits and storks while wandering the forest, as these animals often choose this forest as their habitat.

bojcinska suma_1000

The visitors have a lot of things to do here – there are running tracks, riding school, “Bojcin hut” – the authentic restaurant which offers genuine Serbian cuisine.
The visitors can also enjoy in riding in horse carriage and riding of Lipizzan horse, which is the standard offer of the Equestrian club “Bojcin”.

At the edge of the forest, starting from 2009, each year a culture festival is organised – Bojcin culture summer event – and every weekend, from early May to late September, all kinds of events are organised.
The programme of the festival consists of poetry nights, theatre plays, concerts with folk, rock, pop, fado, jazz and classical music. This all comes free of charge and the visitors have the opportunity to give a voluntary contribution, as a support for the event and as a help for the maintenance of this unique natural surrounding.

This picnic area is very easy to get to, even if you don’t have a car yourself. The public transport, which rides every day, will take you to the place Progar, located at the edge of the forest, and during summer months, there’s also the boat ride available, which will take you from New Belgrade to Progar, on a daily basis. If you’re a fan of nature and have the desire to get away from the city buzz, we are more than happy to recommend this place.

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