Belgrade area was populated since 5th millennium B.C. with Vinča culture. Good climate and strategically good position contributed that city was always important point for many invaders. First permanent residents were Celts which founded city of Singidunum in 3rd century B.C. Romans conquered city in 1st century A.D. and they ruled until 6th century A.D. when Slavs came and changed name to Belgrade or white city.

Later on Belgrade was transferred between Byzantium, Bulgaria, Hungary and Serbia rule while it fell down under Ottoman Empire in 1512. Belgrade again became capital city of Serbia in 1841 while it was capital of Yugoslavia from 1918 until 2001. In its turbulent history there were more than 120 wars fought for the city and it was destroyed more than 40 times.


With over 2 million people that founded its home in it, Belgrade is city with hospitable and positive people that like to hang out. Because of its size it might seem bustling but if you need any help we are sure that people from the street will help you to find your way.
Belgrade is university center therefore there are many young people that give pulse to the city, that is why it is one of the most famous city for good fun and going out in the world.


City in which you can always find a place to go out for everyone taste is Belgrade. From more expensive and exclusive places to relaxed places for hanging out, everything is at your fingertips. It is often voted for top destination for going out by many world magazines and portals. Lonely planet chose it as a top world destination for good parties and fun.
Many river clubs (splavs), city clubs, taverns, cafes, restaurants, unrelated from what type of music do you listen, will provide you with good fun and unforgettable experience until early morning hours.

City landmarks

Most representative landmark of Belgrade is for sure Belgrade fortress that hides many secrets and stories that were made for centuries. Unofficial main street is Knez Mihajlova that is unavoidable part of every tour and visit. There are also St. Sava cathedral, Skadarlija (bohemian quarter), White palace, Avala tower, Zemun and Gardoš.

Natural beauties

For those that need to rest from going out there are many city oasis that can provide peace and tranquility with fresh air.
Most popular place for that is, Ada Ciganlija, river island on Sava river. In summer you can run away from city throng and relax with few degrees lower temperature from center. Biggest park in the city core is Kalemegdan, from which you have magical view on confluence of Sava and Danube rivers. It is also the best place to see sunset. Other city parks are Tašmajdan, Pionir, Park of Friendship on Ušće and Hyde park. For rustically nature you have Zvezdara forest, Košutnjak, Topčider and Avala, only mountain in Belgrade.

Culture and art

Belgrade is for many things significant economic and social center, with many institutions from national and public domain. Large number of museums, galleries and exhibition space are all over the city. There is also unique museum dedicated to Nikola Tesla where you can see his work.
Many music and movie festivals founded their home in Belgrade, concerts from numerous regional and world stars fill arenas and stadiums. For more information about Belgrade and what can it offer you can find on the city of Belgrade web site.