Types of public transport in Belgrade

One of the best and healthiest ways to transport is by foot and with bicycle. Belgrade center is hilly and with narrow streets so that can be an obstacle for bikes. Next to the rivers and in New Belgrade it is easier to ride a bike with bicycle lanes that are everywhere and with flat ground.

Taxi system is practical and compared to the price in west it is affordable especially if more of you travel but it is still most expensive compared to the other options around city. Currently there are 8.000 taxi vehicles with TX registration plates. You can find taxi on the street, on taxi stops or you can call one of 24 taxi companies.

Minibuses with E mark are also practical and with them you can reach fast distant parts of the city. Price for one ride is 150 dinars and you can buy it from the driver. They are good because they don’t stop on every station if there is no need which is significant especially during rush hour.

Within Bus Plus system there are four kinds of transportation and one ticket works for all:

  • Tram - There are 28 tram lines and most of them ride through center while few go to New Belgrade, Banovo Brdo and Rakovica. Recently trams are improved with the purchasing of new CAF trams.
  • Trolleybus - With 14 trolleybus lines mostly from Student square towards edge of the city. With them neighborhoods of Banjica, Zvezdara and Medaković are connected as well as most important city junction Slavija.
  • Bus - Over 250 bus lines ride daily and connect entire city. Some of the lines are more frequent and some less but you can always check timetable timetable which is mostly accurate. 
  • BG train - Forerunner of metro system with 13 stations from Ovča, over Vukov spomenik, Autokomanda, New Belgrade to Batajnica. You can check timetable here and trains are always accurate. It is best way to avoid traffic around city and fastest way to get from one part of city to the other.

There are four zones for Bus Plus transportation in city:

  • Red (first) zone - Narrow city center 
  • Yellow (second) zone - Wide part of city 
  • Green (third) zone - Obrenovac, Sopot and Vinča 
  • Blue (fourth) zone - Mladenovac and Lazarevac

Price for one ride is 89 dinars and you can travel 90 minutes with trams, trolleybus, bus and BG train. You can buy ticket on almost all street shops, 40 dinars for one time use cardboard card and 250 dinars for plastic one for multiple use that you can refill again. If you buy ticket from bus driver it costs 150 dinars, same as ticket for night busses that are not part of Bus Plus system.

If you need any extra information you can always check map of the city. Nevertheless from which type of transport you choose to travel around Belgrade we are sure that you will enjoy it and that it will be interesting experience. And most important from all is that you will reach your destination.