About Us


Smart choice for a short stay in Belgrade.

NOVI APARTMANI is an agency dealing with the daily hiring of apartments in Belgrade. Experience, quality and business efficiency are our main qualities which enable us to stand out from many similar agencies. Guests’ contentment is our primary concern. Cooperation and coordination between the agency and the owners of the apartments and guests is excellent, which you will see for yourself.

NOVI APARTMANI offer you first-rate accommodations in Belgrade, in high quality, modern and often luxurious apartments on superb locations. Staying at our apartments means authenticity, privacy, flexibility, comfort and quality.

We are an excellent alternative to hotel accommodations in Belgrade. In comparison with hotels, our advantages include significantly lower prices, which do not depend on the number of guests, more space, additional bedrooms, fully equipped kitchens and many other additions.

We offer you over 100 apartments on different locations, diverse structures, interiors and prices, for everyone’s pockets and to suit all tastes. We can, at any moment, offer you exceptional accommodations according to your demands and make your stay in Belgrade unforgettable.

NOVI APARTMANI offer you accommodations in the very centre of Belgrade, on superb locations, where the most important cultural, historical and other sites are only a several-minute walk away. Feel the rhythm of the city and get to know the Belgrade lifestyle firsthand. Apart from the strict centre of the city, we offer you apartments on Vračar, Novi Beograd and other locations in the city.

Our apartments are fully furnished to secure a carefree and comfortable stay. They are a great choice for shorter stays in Belgrade, be it a business or a city-break base.

Choose wisely.