Parking and parking zones in Belgrade

Parking is a problem in every major city in the world, somewhere more, somewhere less. About that Belgrade is no different from any other metropolis. It often happens that people spend same amount of time to get to the city center and to find empty parking place. Although considering time and place where you arrive you might find spot straight away.

Because of that, one of most important things that visitors in Belgrade check is where to park their car while they visit city. Many apartments offer secured parking space so if you come with car or you use rent-a-car services, pay attention on them.
On periphery parking is not a big issue, there are street parking lots on which you can leave your car as much as you want without paying.

In city center where most important things are situated and most of our apartments, situation is different. Parking is possible in zones with 25.000 parking lots.

There are four zones for parking in city:

  • Red (first) zone - 60 minutes max. Around Republic square, Nikola Pašić square and Zeleni Venac. 
  • Yellow (second) zone - 120 minutes max. Around Tašmajdan park, across Vračar up to Nemanjina street. Also a big part of Savski Venac municipality from Mostar interchange up to Kralja Milana and Brankova street. 
  • Green (third) zone - 180 minutes max. Upper Dorćol to Cara Dušana street, most of inner Palilula and part around Clinical center between Kneza Miloša and Mekenzijeva street.
  • Blue (fourth) zone - unlimited. New Belgrade around Belgrade Arena and part of Zemun close to Danube river bank.

Parking is charged in first three zones on work days from 07h to 21h and on Saturday from 07h to 14h. In blue zone parking is charged on work days from 08h to 21h and on Saturday from 08h to 14h. On Sunday and on public holidays parking is free.

You can pay for parking with your mobile phone and price is different considering zone. You should send your registration plate in a SMS message to a phone number that is clearly visible on beginning of each street. Details about parking zones you can read here.

In Belgrade there are 9 public garages with 3.150 parking lots and 18 car parks with over 6.000 parking lots. More details about conditions for parking in garages you can find in web site JKP “Parking service”.
We hope that you will have success in finding right place for parking and that you won’t have to pay for vehicle displacement of so called “spider”