New permanent exhibition in the National museum in Belgrade

One of the most relevant culture institutions with more than 400 thousand artifacts from different periods of world history, now features a new permanent exhibition and you don’t want to miss this.

New permanent exhibition in the National museum in Belgrade

The National Museum in Belgrade was founded long ago in 1844 and has since been one of the most important cultural institutions in Serbia. The collections of this museum were carefully collected and, thanks to numerous benefactors, today the museum offers over 400 thousand artifacts from different areas, categorized chronologically by collections, as well as by types of objects and works. The museum collection includes historical, archaeological, numismatic items, art works and works of applied art, as well as a very rich treasury of old and rare books and archives of documentary material.

The new permanent exhibition of the National Museum covers an extensive chronological range from the Paleolithic period up to 20th century art. The entire exhibition is organized on three levels and spreads over 5000m² of exhibition space. The carefully selected exhibits are the proof of exceptional archeology research and tell the story of Serbian rulers through art objects, of gift givers and collectors, and will guide the visitors from the beginning of prehistory all the way to contemporary art.

The museum's experts put a lot of effort to make the entire content as accessible as possible to all visitors, so special attention was given to the supporting materials - texts, legends and digital content. This will all enable a pleasant and memorable stay in the museum, as well as the opportunity for discovery and learning.

On the ground floor of the National Museum, visitors can enjoy the archaeological collection of the National Museum, which spans the chronological range from the Paleolithic era to Ancient Greece, as well as Roman culture and art.
The first floor displays the medieval objects exhibited in ten thematic areas that represent the period from the middle of the early Middle Ages to the First Serbian Uprising.
The exhibition space on the second floor offers three units. The two units are part of a permanent exhibition that shows the works of the most prominent foreign artists and the works from the Collection of 20th Century Yugoslav Paintings. The third unit consists of the Great Hall, a space used when organizing thematic exhibitions of both the National Museum and other museum institutions.

If you’ve never been to the National Museum in Belgrade, it is undoubtedly a place that you must visit. Not only will you enjoy the peaceful and relaxing atmosphere, but you will definitely learn something new or remind yourself of some long-forgotten lessons in history. However, before heading to the Serbian capital, book the accommodation of your choice in time on the website of Novi apartmani. In the Strict Center section, we are sure that you will find premium quality accommodation at very affordable prices.

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