Summer season starting in the famous bohemian quarter

Skadarlija, the famous Bohemian quarter in Belgrade is slowly returning to its recognizable shape and the charm that made it famous worldwide before the pandemic.

Summer season starting in the famous bohemian quarter

With the traditional raising of the Skadarlija flag a new tourist season was officially launched in the most famous bohemian street in Belgrade.

This not only means that the famous bohemian Belgrade district has adapted its summer activities and enriched the tourist offer in Belgrade, but it also means that this is a slow but steady return to normalcy and the way of life we used to love so much, which was so abruptly interrupted by the global corona virus pandemic.

The summer season also means the organization of a number of free outdoor activities, poetry recitations, concerts, mini theater plays, and the plan is to hold traditional and thematically organized mini bazaars, where everyone who visits the Serbian capital this summer will have the opportunity to buy authentic products that make Serbia and Belgrade so widely recognized.

If there is anyone who is not familiar with Skadarlija street, how it came to life and why it is so authentic, Novi apartmani will present the most important facts here, in this text. Skadarlija street is located near the National Theater, and actors and other artists lived, strolled along the street and often stayed there. They gave this street the charm and appeal it still has today. Skadarlija has preserved its authentic appearance from the time of the Ottoman Empire, and is paved with cobblestones, with dim lights surrounding the street. All along Skadarlija, taverns were opened, one after another. "Dva Jelena" and "Tri Šešira" are two famous taverns from the nineteenth century.

Of the taverns that are still working, the only older is "Znak pitanja" located near the Cathedral Church, also in the center of Belgrade. Although only about five hundred meters in length, in addition to traditional restaurants, today in Skadarlija you can find hostels, salons and modern bars, suitable for everyone’s taste. Good music, superb food, excellent coffee are the attributes commonly associated with the name of this famous street, and the interesting people that love to come here add to the authentic atmosphere, as well as the spirit of some past time that can be experienced late in the evening.

Due to repair works that were rather questionable, Skadarlija has slightly changed its original appearance, which we still hope will be restored soon after the new repair works and after correcting numerous mistakes from the recent reconstruction. However, what we know for sure is that no one can ever destroy the charm and unique character of this famous Belgrade street!
That is why we’re inviting all of you who will visit Belgrade this summer to stop by this bohemian quarter and feel the memorable Skadarlija atmosphere.

If you want to be accommodated in the immediate vicinity of Skadarlija during your visit to Belgrade, we suggest you check out our offer of accommodation options and pick one of the many comfortable apartments in the section STRICT CENTER that will meet all your needs, preferences and budget and that will be convenient for your return from the nightlife in „Skadarlija style“, followed by musicians. Of course, due to pandemic situation, we kindly ask you to monitor the epidemiological situation and comply with the guidance of competent authorities for prevention of corona virus and enjoy safely and responsibly the charms of Skadarlija, Belgrade and Serbia.

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