Absolutely unique - Hand made festival

Dorćol Platz, one of the most beloved modern areas in Belgrade is organizing another increasingly popular event called the “Hand Made” festival.

Absolutely unique - Hand made festival

On Saturday, September 23rd, from 11-19h, Dorcol Platz will host another traditional Hand Made festival, for the sixth year in a row.

Hand Made festival is an event dedicated to all creative people, the manufacturers of items made of most diverse materials and by using highly unusual techniques and tools. The festival is also a place where creative and skillful designers put their hand crafts for sale to numerous Belgrade citizens who are bored with buying the same old lines of clothes, and who have a bit different view of the world. Additionally, the festival also provides the opportunity for all interested people to educate themselves through participation in different workshops. The participants in workshops will be encouraged to make different items on their own and by doing so, provide a feeling of satisfaction for themselves or other people, or even perhaps, open up a new possibility of starting some new business adventures.

The event is held in Dorćol Platz, a genuinely authentic venue which has become the synonym for creative and modern trends in Belgrade and whose quality has been recognized by numerous foreign tourists. The place has, therefore, become the must-visit for all tours through Belgrade.
Dorćol Platz is a multi-functional area in Belgrade and is located within the refurbished hangar of the former company „Minel-transport“, and in combination with the yard covers the area of around 1600 sqm. The place was refurbished with the aim of preserving the industrial pattern of Lower Dorcol area and providing the venue with a brighter future by opening its gates to all creative people worldwide.

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