Balkan Cheese Festival Belgrade 2018

Balkan Cheese Festival is an event that allows all „cheese-lovers“ to taste and get to know some of the most beloved types of this gourmet delicacy.

Balkan Cheese Festival Belgrade 2018

For the 7th time, Belgrade will host the exhibition of autochtonous Balkan cheeses, named Balkan Cheese Festival. This festival will be held on 17 and 18 February in Belgrade Youth Center. From its very bebinning until present time, the festival has changed different venues and finally settled down in this particular culture institution, intended primarily for young people.

The Youth Center, the favourite gathering place of young people ever since 1964 is not just an exhibition area or a concert hall. This is the place immensely popular among the students and all other Belgrade residents and guests, who enjoy culture and art expressed through theatre plays and movies, music and visual arts. The Youth Center is also the venue perfect for seminars, debates, discussions on politics, science, art, social policy, workshops, lectures, training courses. So many prominent artists, politicians and philosophers from former Yugoslavia launched their careers right from this particular venue, presenting themselves before the Belgrade audience. So many world-known musicians, artists and philosophers were guests of the Youth Centre, as a landmark and significant place where cultures and traditions of different countries meet.

This is why this venue was chosen to be the place where this unique and popular event will be held, featuring more than 300 types of cheese from the area of Serbia, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Montenegro, Croatia and Macedonia. Each year, the particular attention is dedicated to a special guest of the festival. During previous years, some of these countries were France or Spain, while this year you’ll be able to enjoy the selection of cheeses from Italy. The skill of making the cheeses is passed on from generation to generation and is an inherent part of the culture and tradition in the area it comes from. All the visitors of this unique event will be able to taste some of the most interesting, rarest and unusual types of cheese, together with various wines and specialities, while the experts will give the presentations on how to match cheese and wine, and some visitors will definitely enjoy tasting the sweets made from cheese.

Some of the cheeses available at the exhibition will be: Homoljski, Krivovirski, Sjenički, Zlatarski and other cheeses from Serbia; Pljevački and Kučki cheese from Montenegro; Dalmatinski, Istarski, Lički, Dubrovački from Croatia; Travnički, Presukuča, Vlašićki from Bosnia and Herzegovina, Galički and Šarplaninski from Macedonia. Visitors will definitely enjoy tasting all the concoctions and different combinations of taste, from semi-hard cheeses with truffles, pepper, dill, cheese cream with mushrooms, specialities made of young cheese, cheese with figs and lemons, and all sorts of rolls made from cheese and chocolate and other sweet-sour gourmet treats.

If you find yourself in Belgrade in this period and consider yourself to be a „cheese-lover“, we do recommend you wholeheartedly to visit this event. If you already settled yourself in some of the following apartments, such as Kolarčeva, or some of the apartments near Skadarlija street, such as Skadarlija, Skadarljia Lux, or Divan, the visit to this event is simply a must.

Looking forward to seeing you in the Youth Center!

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