Creativity in the first place

This winter, Belgrade is organizing free workshops for children and young people. These events enrich the already rich cultural and entertainment offer of the city.

Creativity in the first place

Free workshops for children and young people will be held every Saturday during January and February 2022, at the Dorcol Cultural Center and the premises of the Vitamin X Gallery.

These projects are focused on students aged 14 to 19 and aim to provide them with knowledge and ideas in various fields through creative work: video journal, calligraphy and art history.

At the video journal workshops, young people will find out more about the theoretical and historical framework of video art, and they will learn to draft, develop and implement their ideas in the form of a final video by using their mobile phones.

The calligraphy workshop will enable our young people to get practically acquainted with the art of fine writing. The emphasis will be on the study of the Cyrillic alphabet.

The project "Walk through history with Oliver Tomic" includes a series of lectures in the field of art history and theory, led by prof. Oliver Tomić, art historian.

Theoretical lectures provide a very interesting and accessible content to young people, in the form of video presentations. Also, a large part of the project is realized through the field visits, accompanied by expert guides: to legacies, galleries and museums, learning about cultural monuments in Belgrade ... In this way, participants recognize and gain additional knowledge about the rich cultural and artistic heritage of their environment.

Novi apartmani strongly support all projects that have a positive impact on the spread of culture and all positive social values, but also creativity and creative thinking, especially when young people are in focus. We wholeheartedly invite all parents to direct their teenagers during these winter days to these magnificent workshops where they will definitely learn something new and have a great time.

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