Massimo performs in Belgrade again

Always loved and unique, Massimo Savić will once again delight the Belgrade audience and fill our hearts with warm emotions with his exceptional voice.

Massimo performs in Belgrade again

Massimo Savić, a Croatian musician, with an impressive voice and charisma is performing in Belgrade again. This singer and songwriter, who started out his career as a member of the band Dorian Gray and later continued as a solo singer and composer, is known in the region for his melancholic but exquisite voice, unusual interpretation and captivating appearance. His covers of famous songs are some of the favourites throughout the region and Massimo is a frequent guest at many festivals and concert halls.

Although he was already well known from the period when he performed within the group Dorian Gray, in Serbia Massimo gained his greatest fame as a solo performer, especially after he recorded his album Vještina in 2004. Thirteen beautiful covers of love songs were recorded on this album, already known to the audience, and all of them gained new popularity in Massimo's interpretation. Songs from this great album are repeatedly played on radio stations, and the audience is always anxious to hear them all at all his concerts. "Bacila je sve niz rijeku", "Libar", "Sjaj u tami", "Stine" and "Tajna vještina" are some of these songs that Massimo alone or in a duet made timeless and unrepeatable.

Of course, in the following years, Massimo continued to create and perform tirelessly, while the audience always greeted him with great joy and enthusiasm. Some of the great solo albums from this period are "Massimo" and "Vjestina 2", which also covered the legendary songs "Da mogu", "Kažu", "Zagrli me", "Mi nismo sami" and others.


The concert announced for the end of June will be held at Kalemegdan fortress, a unique and beautiful place that Belgrade and the people of Belgrade are immensely proud of. The fortress and the park, history, nature, past and present are connected in one such place, which will make Massimo Savić's concert even more interesting and attractive for visitors.

The concert is held at the Bitefartcafe Summer Stage on June 27 and 28, 2020.

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