Parni Valjak in Belgrade

The legendary Zagreb band Parni valjak will perform at the Stark Arena on November 8th to the delight of many fans of these rock legends.

Parni Valjak in Belgrade

Parni valjak will perform at Belgrade Stark Arena as a part of their tour on November 8, 2019, much to the joy and anticipation of the great number of Belgrade residents who are always eager to attend concerts of this legendary band.

A fun-fact may be that this band had its very first public appearance in Belgrade, in the New Belgrade Sports Hall, when, together with some other young and promising bands, the band performed and delighted many rock music fans. It’s been exactly 44 years from that very concert which is the reason why the entire tour is named „Round 44“. These rock musicians whose songs have always been packed with emotions and the eternal topic – love, have managed to keep their popularity alive in the territory of ex-Yugoslavia, in spite of all the events and changes that took place. They have made several breaks, though, but the band managed to keep rolling, release albums and perform concerts.

The band was formed long ago in 1975 in Zagreb and already the following year, they released their first album. It wasn’t until 1980 that they made a proper breakthrough, thanks to the very popular hit songs, such as „Neda“, „Javi se“...


Later on, the guests on their albums were also some other prominent musicians, such as Bajaga, Dejan Cukić, Margita Stefanović. They had successful career in 1990s, with new albums and plenty of concerts, and some of the songs from this period have remained immensely popular even nowadays, such as „Godine prolaze“, „Suzama se vatre ne gase“, etc.

The band continued its work during 2000s as well, but somewhere in this period of time, they decided to go on hiatus, and after thirty years of work, the band organised a farewell concert in Zagreb in 2006. However, the audience was anxious to see more of them, the memorable songs and the vocal, and they didn’t have to wait for long. Parni valjak re-emerged in 2010 and released a number of albums in the meantime and organised some memorable concerts, full of energy.

If you’re among the fans of ex-Yu Rock 'n' Roll, this concert will be a proper treat for you.
Make sure you get your tickets on time, as well as the comfortable and decent accommodation so that you could be near the venue for the event you’re definitely looking forward to.

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Enjoy the concert!

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