Šaban Šaulić - The King of Folk Music

A major event in Stark Arena will take place on 6 October and mark 50 years of career of a genuine king of folk music - Šaban Šaulić.

Šaban Šaulić - The King of Folk Music

The concert in Stark Arena is announced for 6 October 2018, and the famous Šaban Šaulić will celebrate 50 years of his successful career. „Još ovu noć“ („One more night only“) is the name of the concert personally chosen by Šaban, intending to make this his last magnificient performance with all of his „timeless“ hits and once again offer the unforgettable enjoyment to all his fans.  „Dođi da ostarimo zajedno“, „Dva galeba bela“, „Kraljice moga srca“, „S namerom dođoh u veliki grad“, „Žal“, „Odlaziš, odlaziš“, „Golubica“, „Viđaš li mi staru ljubav“, „Nema ništa, majko, od tvoga veselja“, „Verujem u ljubav“ are some of his most popular songs that he will definitely perform that evening.
Šaban Šaulić was born in 1951 in Šabac. Living in a very modest surrounding with his family, Šaban spent most of his time with his sister. He was very fond of football and used to practice boxing. With the help of his uncle, Šaban made his way into singing in bars and restaurants and that’s where his career was born. With an exceptionally pleasant voice and huge talent, Šaban gained superb reputation among the guests in bars and restaurants, and not long afterwards, he started recording music and songs. The first song „Dajte mi utjehu“ was recorded in 1969 in cooperation with Buca Jovanović, the well-known accordion player and the chief of an orchestra, and the song became an immediate hit. He went on cooperating with Buca Jovanovic until 1976 and afterwards he started composing and writing songs on his own. He sang most about love, life, family and kafana (Serbian traditional restaurants). He also dedicated great many songs to his wife Gordana who is also a mother of his three children, including a whole album from 1985 - „Kafanska noć“ with the song „Gordana“ recorded on it.
Some of his greatest hits are „Dođi da ostarimo zajedno“ and „Dva galeba bela“ for which he was unofficially proclaimed the king of folk music in this region.

Although with no formal education in music, yet with remarkable voice and talent, Šaban has become, quite justly, the major star and one of the most favourite singers of folk music. His persistence and dedication to music, including his sacrifice for his frequent absence from home, have brought him immense success.

Šaban Šaulić has so many times delivered unforgettable concerts, performed all around the world and in front of the audience that sang together with him. We have no reasons to think that this time it will be any different. On 6 October, Šaban is preparing a genuinely spectacular event, packed with emotions so typical of all his concerts.

Regardless of whether you are fond of this music genre or not, Šaban’s quality, talent and persistence, including the 50-year long presence in music, definitely deserves the admiration. We are quite sure there is no such person who has not, at least once in a lifetime in kafana, started singing some of his songs. If you’re a true fan of his songs and music and you’re planning to visit Belgrade on 6 October, bear in mind that this spectacular event should not be missed. That’s why we’re suggesting that you take time and check out our web portal and especially the section New Belgrade apartments and pick and choose some of the apartments located in the immediate vicinity of Stark Arena. Not only will you enjoy the perfect music night, but you’ll be able to count on perfect accommodation provided to you by Novi apartmani.

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