The Queen of Sports in Belgrade

From March 3-5, 2017 Belgrade will host the European Athletics Indoor Championships, one of the most spectacular sports events in Europe.

The Queen of Sports in Belgrade

Belgrade is famous for many great things and is becoming increasingly popular among tourists, but Belgrade is also the place where many visitors like to return to.
There are already so many well-known qualities being repeatedly spoken of by both Serbian and foreign people about Belgrade – the city of cordial and hospitable people, the city that never sleeps, the city with rich cultural heritage, the crossroads of east and west, the city with charming cafés and fantastic restaurants offering unforgettable cuisine, and so on and so forth. We sometimes, however, tend to forget that this country and this city have also contributed greatly to the history of sport, by achieving outstanding results in various disciplines. Along with basketball, tennis, water polo, football and other attractive sports, the spotlight has recently, and quite justly, been on her majesty – athletics.

The notable success achieved by Ivana Španović, Asmir Kolašinac, Mihail Dudaš, Amela Terzić, Tamara Salaški, Emir Bekrić and other prominent sportsmen, has resulted in their becoming the sports idols to the youngest fans, and each new medal, each new record and superb efforts further support all the values epitomised by this sport.
For all these values, the Athletic Federation of Serbia and the City of Belgrade are committed to organising the European Athletics Indoor Championships – Belgrade 2017, which is to take place in Kombank arena from March 3-5, 2017.

When it comes to athletics, the European Athletics Indoor Championships is, from the organisational aspects, the most demanding challenge so far. To date, this city has hosted numerous important sports events, which is also the reason why Belgrade has gained good reputation among the prominent figures from the Athletic Federation. The organisation of such event, hosted by Belgrade for the first time in its history, is great honour, but the responsibility, as well.
The fact that such spectacular competition is to be held in Kombank arena, the state-of-the-art multifunctional venue, comes as great relief for the host, but also as the guarantee that everything will run smoothly, as it should be the case bearing in mind the importance of the event. Kombank arena is an exceptionally comfortable venue, offering the most contemporary technological solutions and extensive range of services for visitors. Each year, around 600,000 – 800,000 people visit Kombank arena, and for the European athletics indoor championship, the spectators will have 10,000 seats available in the hall.

The queen of animals for the queen of sports

The official mascot of the European Athletics Indoor Championships - BELGRADE 2017 is Bela, a white lioness, and the choice is not at all random. White lions are a unique symbol of Belgrade, as the city zoo is home to one of the largest populations of this rare animal. On the other hand, lions can indeed be considered as the embodiment of athletics. These gracious animals are a synonym for strength, speed and endurance, and as such are unparalleled in the animal kingdom – exactly what athletics stands for in the world of sports. The lioness Bela was selected in the competition of more than 30 high schools and faculties, which only supports the fact that this competition is taken very seriously and the organisers are determined to include as many young people as possible in this event, so that they can learn about and meet some new idols and role models.

The competition is expected to bring a large number of guests into our city, and is also ready to contribute as much as we can to this sports event, so that Belgrade is able to provide all the sports fans who will visit the disciplines of the queen of sports with the well-deserved royal treatment. Our web site offers a wide range of luxury accommodation at affordable prices located right next to Kombank arena, the place where some of elite athletes will fight hard for the medals, glory and the place in sports history.

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