10 destinations for hiking from Belgrade - Part 2

This is part 2 of the Top 10 list for all lovers of nature, hiking and enjoyment surrounded by untouched natural beauty near Belgrade.

10 destinations for hiking from Belgrade - Part 2

Novi apartmani continues with the tradition of making the top 10 lists, and we hope they are useful for all guests of Belgrade, and especially the first-timers in the Serbian capital. Below is the second part of the list of top 10 destinations for daily hiking tours near Belgrade, which we sincerely recommend to all nature lovers. In the previous text, we mentioned places such as Deliblato Sands, Gradac gorge, Rajac, Divčibare and Povlen mountains, and today we are expanding the list with 5 more exceptional destinations.

Tometino polje

Tometino polje is located in the Zlatibor district, 125 kilometers from Belgrade, and with the newly-built highways, the travelling does not take much time. This landscape is located at the altitude of 750 meters and is an idyllic natural oasis with plenty of pastures and lookouts, as well as the meanders of the river Kamenica. Tometino polje offers plenty of hiking trails covering almost 60 kilometers. Here we can recommend a 12-kilometer-long hiking trail that is in the category of easy trails with an elevation of 400 meters and which takes about 5 hours of easy walking with breaks to complete.

Ovcar-Kablar Gorge

At the place where the West Morava river cuts its way through the rocks in central Serbia, less than 2 hours of driving, there is the well-known Ovčar-Kablar gorge. The gorge is located between two mountains that got it its name - Ovčar, 985 meters high and Kablar, 889 meters high. The gorge has many paved trails and offers numerous opportunities for hiking and mountaineering. Here we will recommend the 10-kilometer-long Ovčar trail with an elevation of 700 meters, which takes a little over 4 hours. The trail is in the category of easy to medium difficulty.

Cer mountain

About a hundred kilometers from Belgrade, you can find the mountain Cer, a charming natural and historical site. It is a gentle mountain 687 meters high, named after numerous Quercus cerris trees. In addition to this tree, the mountain is rich in low vegetation, mushrooms, as well as medicinal herbs. We recommend a 15-kilometer-long circular walking trail, from the category of easy trails and the elevation here does not go beyond 500 meters. The recommended duration of this trail is about 5 hours with breaks.

Homolje mountains

Only two hours of driving from Belgrade, there is a pristine natural oasis rich in caves, but also mills where wheat and corn are ground and flour is made, in the same way as two centuries ago. Homolje mountains offer a lot of hiking and mountaineering trails, varying from easy to demanding and very challenging. For average hikers and nature lovers, Novi apartmani recommends a 13-kilometer-long trail leading to peaks Mali and Veliki Vukan, with an elevation of 650 meters, from the category of medium-easy trails.

Borački krš

 Last, but by no means the least attractive, we recommend the destination Borački krš, a Sumadija-based forest monument of nature on the territory of the municipality of Knić, and it represents a volcanic elevation about 20 million years old. With the height of 515 meters, this site is an ideal lookout point over the beautiful Šumadija region. Being only 2 hours of driving from Belgrade and with a short and easy trail that is 4 kilometers long with an ascent of 300 meters, Boracki Krš is an ideal choice for parents with small children where they can spend an active day in nature.

This completes the TOP 10 list of Novi apartmani intended for all lovers of pristine nature and active lifestyle. Of course, these are certainly not all the natural beauties and destinations of Serbia that you can easily visit by excursions from Belgrade. You can arrange excursions on your own, and there are many organized tours, as well. If you’re looking for accommodation in Belgrade, before you head to the capital of Serbia, check out your ideal Belgrade base on the Novi apartmani website and arrange for yourself the comfort you deserve at a very reasonable price. Take a look at the Apartments with Jacuzzi section and feel the comfort of a mini spa center reserved just for you, because after a full day of activities in nature, one such apartment will please you more than anything else.

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