Bubanj potok flea market

Visiting a flea market represents a life style - it's a hobby and passion for collecting items and antiques accompanied with an exciting immersion into time long past.

Bubanj potok flea market

Every Saturday, since the dawn, the fenced area located near the highway when you drive out of Belgrade in the direction of Niš, turns into an anthill composed of curious human souls – the early risers. This parallel Belgrade universe, where all visitors can find something they need, has been there for years and has survived in the form of an open Belgrade market, the famous "flea market", or " Bubanj Potok flea market".

Flea market implies a specific form of trade which has been existing in most European cities for more than two centuries and most of the cities in the world have a specific place that functions as a flea market. The most famous flea markets in Europe are the ones in Paris (Clignancourt), in London (Portobello Road), in Lisbon (Feira da Ladra) and in Rome Porta Portese. Belgrade flea market in Bubanj Potok is significantly newer, but due to its content and the atmosphere, it is not at all lagging behind the flea markets in these famous cities.

Furthermore, when it comes to flea markets, it is important to emphasise this specific "atmosphere" present in these places, and this is particularly the case with Belgrade Bubanj Potok flea market. If you would like to describe the profile of an average flea market visitor, this task would be automatically doomed to fail, because EVERYBODY comes to the flea market. Every Saturday, which is the day when the Bubanj Potok flea market opens its gate, the flea market gathers, on one side, the bidders - interesting, lively people from different regions as well as from abroad, who, along with them and their goods, bring along their life stories, and on the other side the "consumers".


However, it would be fairly unjust to use the term consumers for those interested visitors. These people are collectors, enthusiasts, romantics, people who like to get up at dawn; tireless walkers, curious people, observers or the ones who like to spend a Saturday morning talking to sellers, the ones who like to bargain or to explore. These are not the people who like to be seen, but the ones who like to see something and bring something back home with them. The professions, profiles, different types of people who have walked down the Bubanj Potok flea market "boulevards" have been numerous. There have been people of different sexes and ages, different professions, interests, hobbies, of different knowledge and experience, different viewpoints, yet different expectations, as well.

Not all people come to the flea market to buy something or to buy something they really need. One comes to the flea market to do a research, to meet somebody or satisfy one's curiosity. Those who visit the flea market only once in their lifetime are really rare, because, following the first visit, it turns into passion unmet. That's why those who visit this place keep coming back looking for something else. The rule among regular visitors is that, if they see something they like, they immediately buy it. This is because they will never find the same thing again. Considering the fact that everything is sold at the flea market, that "it’s home to anything and everything you could ever want", there is something for everyone. However, you have to look very carefully because all kinds of goods have been put next to each other or even thrown in a pile. If you happen to have doubts about the quality or functionality of, for example, a piece of technical equipment, the seller is not going to convince you to buy it, but he or she is simply going to offer you to test it there, right at the spot. It is positive that nobody can guarantee the quality due to the fact that the goods arrived from God knows where - Germany, Austria, Switzerland using unknown channels of sale, but that is why their price is so low and if you buy them, you won't risk much. It is as simple as this: you buy what you like, pay for it and take it home. Next Saturday, you come to the same place to experience another adventure.

Web site noviapartmani.com cordially suggests to all its guests who are early risers and who feel hidden passion for collecting different items which might have some historical or emotional value, but also to those who want to feel that specific lifestyle in the Belgrade parallel universe, to visit this iconic location.
The Bubanj potok flea market is miles away from the capital city glamour, but is it always the glamour that guarantees great fun?

We wish you good luck in the hidden treasure hunt at the Bubanj potok flea market.

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