Holiday Guide to Belgrade - part IV

Holiday Guide to Belgrade - part IV

Serbian New Year

Serbian New Year is also known as the Orthodox or Old New Year. It is celebrated on the 14th January, as per the Gregorian calendar, that is, the 1st January as per the Julian calendar.
This holiday is also celebrated, apart from Serbia, in Montenegro, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Macedonia, Russia, Belarus, Georgia, Ukraine, Moldova, Armenia, some German cantons in Switzerland, but in some parts of Gaelic community in Scotland.

What was it like before?

“At New Year, the social life among our people awakens. Celebrations are starting, friends are meeting in private circles, merry and joyous they are in gatherings. Wherever you find yourself, the music fills you with pleasant melody.“ – (Serbian Newspaper, 1st January 1847.)

What’s it like today?

Traditionally, the celebration of the Serbian New Year in Belgrade is organised on 13th January. The main events take place in front of the St Sava Temple in Vračar, where the mass prayer is organised. Afterwards, the beginning of the new year is celebrated by immense fireworks and bell tolls from the Temple.
Earlier, the City of Belgrade authorities would organise the open-air celebration concerts with plenty of musicians and singers. This year, however, it remains uncertain. Anyway, all Belgrade clubs and taverns are welcoming you. Most clubs don’t require booking and the entrance is free of charge. With the excellent food, drinks and music, you can expect no less than a superb night out.

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Join us in celebrating…

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