Monument in honour of Milan Mladenović in Belgrade

In memory of Milan Mladenović, the frontman of the legendary EKV band, the plateau named after this fantastic musician will also feature an appropriate monument.

Monument in honour of Milan Mladenović in Belgrade

Many Belgrade residents probably don’t even know that the forecourt that has been one of the favourite gathering places ever since 1964 – the plateau in front of the Belgrade Youth Center – is named after Milan Mladenovic, a person epitomizing the very essence of youth. Having reached the fame as a frontman of the EKV band, Milan still remains the shining star among all the stars of the ex-Yugoslav pop and rock culture and his name and legacy are a synonym for all the happened in the times behind us, with profound and unforgettable impact even today. For all his contribution to music and culture in this city, the Committee for monuments and street names decided that the plateau in front of the Belgrade Youth Center will also feature a monument, in memory of this young man.

Milan Mladenović was born in Zagreb, on 21 September 1958, and at the age of six, his family moved to Sarajevo and finally to Belgrade in 1970. As a young man with a guitar, he always displayed the image of rebeliousness, belligerence and righteousness. His love towards music was embedded ever since his childhood and followed him until the very end of the road. „Limunovo drvo“, „Šarlo Akrobata“, „Katarina II“ and „Ekatarina Velika“, are the names of bands that we tend to associate with Milan. „Limunovo drvo“ used to be the band which marked the beginning of his career, followed by „Šarlo Akrobata“, and „Katarina II“, the band which due to its lineup changes altered its name into „Ekatarina Velika“, or, in short „EKV“. The new music movement which emerged and which became the basis for his career was called the „New wave“. In making some of the most memorable songs, Milan had close cooperation with many other prominent musicians at the time, primarily Dušan Kojić Koja, Margita Stefanović Magi, Ivan Vdović Vd, Dragomir Mihailović and others. It is also interesting to note the prominent anti-war attitude of this young musician and poet who, amidst the war attrocities during the war in former Yugoslavia and the siege of Dubrovnik, called his audience for a moment of silence, and by doing so provoked the rage of extreme nationalists. Together with other members of famous Belgrade bands, such as Električni orgazam and Partibrejkers, during the war in 1992, he started the „Rimtutituki“ project in order to promote anti-war campaign. Their song „Slušaj vamo“ was repeatedly played on the truck which travelled all across the city, with the chorus „Mir, brate mir“ („Peace, bro, peace“), and this is how these young men sent the peace message to everyone.


During his career, he also had the opportunity to express himself in the film industry, and he starred in the film of Milan Živković „Crna Marija“. He was also enaged in composing the music for theatre plays.
In 1994, he travelled to Brazil and together with his colleague Mitar Subotić Sub, and in cooperation with local musicians recorded the album Angel’s Breath. As Milan put it, this is the psychodelic samba-rock with Balkan influence. In the same year, on 5 November, this young man, artist, musician and poet dies of a terminal disease and leaves his army of fans forever. His most famous songs, such as: “Krug”, “Oči boje meda”, “Budi sam na ulici”, “Još samo par godina za nas”, “Sinhro”, “Ti si sav moj bol”, are among the best loved ever and frequently played in the radio. Also, there is a huge number of tribute bands formed to revive all what has left behind EKV band, so we can enjoy their concerts and their immortal hits.

Such a musician and artist by all means deserves an honorary place in the heart of the city, the place that is even today one of the most favourite gathering places of young people.

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