New Year's spectacle in Belgrade

The New Year celebration in Belgrade is a mixture of unforgettable partying and pleasant emotions – the beginning of the new year like never before.

New Year's spectacle in Belgrade

As the New Year holidays are approaching – the days when in Belgrade is all about partying – perhaps we should remind ourselves of what is expecting us when the clock strikes midnight.

Belgrade traditionally offers to all its citizens and numerous tourists all kinds of New Year parties. There are all sorts of celebrations organized at the city squares, streets, clubs, cafés, hotels and restaurants. Year after year, these parties are becoming more and more innovative and intensive. Perhaps the best indicator showing that Belgrade is the number one choice for all those wishing to experience the unforgettable New Year holidays is the number of tourist visits which is constantly on the rise in this time of the year.

If you don’t see yourself partying in a café or club for the New Year, web site recommends that you join the massive cheerful group of people from all around the world who will celebrate the New Year right in the streets and squares of Belgrade. There is no doubt that you will find something to enjoy in, and believe us when we say that this will be the New Year to remember for life.

The city authorities have announced that the “New Year official event”, as a proof of Serbian hospitality and merry spirit, will last for three days and will take place at different locations. The preparations for the New Year will start as early as on December 29, when Tropiko bend, Kiki Lesendric&Piloti will take the stage on the Savamala quay. On December 30, the square overlooking the National Parliament building will host the well known singer Aca Lukas, famous for his lively performance. Also, this will be the night for a legendary former Yugoslav rock band Bijelo dugme. All of this will be a perfect intro for the night to come. On the New Year night, another famous former Yugoslav band will take the stage – Plavi orkestar, and together with a well-known Belgrade musician Bajaga, the two will make the spectacular night. Of course, these are just some of the bands and singers which will perform during the New Year holidays at Belgrade squares.
There are also some other numerous events, apart from the concerts, which will take place in this period. These events are various and intended for all ages. The streets surrounding the city squares will be turned into pedestrian areas, and all Belgrade citizens and visitors will have the opportunity to taste the New Year culinary specialities. This will all make you feel surrounded by the air of fairy tales and festive atmosphere.

If you’re planning to spend the New Year holidays in Belgrade, our advice is to plan your stay on time, as the demand is high and the accommodation capacities are limited. Web site can offer you plenty of places to stay, located very near the central party locations. We can recommend the apartment Cubo , right in the city centre, the apartment Kosovska located right behind the stage overlooking the National Parliament building, the apartment Lux, whose name says it all, and it’s located in the heart of the city, as well as the apartment Singidunum. This is what we recommend, but you can always check out our huge offer of apartments and we can guarantee that you’ll find something to suit you.

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