Night swimming as a new form of enjoyment

Nearly all swimming pool complexes in Belgrade offer the possibility of organized night swimming, as a form of proper summer refreshment.

Night swimming as a new form of enjoyment

Night swimming is often a favorite way of refreshing for many pool goers. Not only are the temperatures more pleasant, but there are also significantly fewer visitors during night swimming. During the night swimming, next to the swimming pool, you can find bars and cafes, so going for a night swim can be seen as a type of active night out.

There are several swimming pool complexes in Belgrade. Nearly every part in Belgrade has its own swimming pools where many citizens will find refreshment during the summer. However, not all swimming pools have the possibility of organizing night swimming.

One of the pools that is traditionally open for night pool goers is certainly the well-known Tašmajdan, where every weekend during the night, all bathers are entertained by a live performance of one of the capital's popular DJs.
There is, of course, the popular Olimp, a recently renovated swimming pool complex near Zvezdara Forest, and almost every evening you can go for night swimming from 9 p.m. until midnight.

The city's largest swimming pool complex in Košutnjak area also offers the option of night swimming, and being surrounded by greenery and dense forest, this is certainly a unique experience. The complex with 5 swimming pools has enough space to comfortably accommodate a large number of visitors and lovers of water fun.

The pools of "Milan Gale Muškatirović" sports center for decades have been a favorite summer swimming destination and a place for all Dorćol residents to hang out. This sports center also provides the possibility for night swimming, in accordance with the schedule and training activities of professional athletes to whom this center provides continuous support.

Finally, there is the summer oasis of New Belgrade residents. It is the sports and recreation center "11. April" complex with 3 swimming pools suitable for all ages. The well-equipped swimming pool beach with sunbeds and umbrellas provides nice accommodation for 3,000 visitors who, providing the weather conditions are good, will be able to enjoy the night swimming activities within this pool complex.

If you are planning to visit Belgrade during these hot summer days, and you want to not only have a good time during the hot summer nights, but also properly refresh yourself, make sure to visit one of the capital's swimming pool complexes and enjoy night swimming in a completely safe and regulated way. Of course, you can indulge in the charms of water and relax in one of the many apartments from the section Apartments with Jacuzzi, which you can easily book on Novi apartmani website, and in this way you will have the opportunity to cool off and relax in the luxury of a private spa at a price of one of an ordinary hotel room.

Enjoy the summer, Belgrade and the accommodation provided to you by Novi apartmani.

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