Slavija - From the hunting ground to the city’s hot spot

Slavija may be one of the most well-known Belgrade squares and it has come a long way. However, even nowadays, Slavija is still the most recognizable roundabout in the region.

Slavija - From the hunting ground to the city’s hot spot

Today, despite the efforts of city authorities to build a musical fountain and a plateau in front of the National Bank of Serbia building, Slavija remains the most famous roundabout not only in Belgrade, but definitely across the region. Every driver will undoubtedly tremble at least a bit while trying to pass through this roundabout, while even without looking at the license plate, it is fairly easy to recognize when someone outside Belgrade is passing through Slavija.

The area where the Slavija Square is located once had an entirely different purpose. Originally it was a hunting ground for wild ducks, when the famous Scotsman at the time Francis Mackenzie (one of the major streets leading to today's roundabout is named after him) bought the whole area, divided it into smaller plots and sold them to Belgrade residents, provided that they build buildings exclusively of solid material.

Of course, there was also the famous tavern Slavija, and the square is named after it even today.
Slavija area is still home to the famous Mitic hole. This well-known trader at the time, just before the war broke out, started building a department store in the immediate vicinity of this famous tavern. However, due to the war and communist expropriation of land, only the hole remained, including the first sundial that was installed here during 1980s in Belgrade. The sundial was dismantled in 1992, when one of the then popular pyramid-scheme banks decided to build its headquarters exactly here. As was expected, the bank also failed tremendously, and on Slavija area there still remains this piece of landscape popularly called "the Mitic's hole“.

Slavija is also known for the famous races of the "Belgrade Phantom", when an unknown young man was racing across Slavija in a stolen white Porsche, in an attempt to defy the "police" and their slow fiats. For ten nights in a row he had this unique performance until the moment when the police parked the city bus across the roundabout and stopped this rogue.

This is just one of the many stories about the famous Slavija square. The fact is that this, at the moment still unregulated square, attracts the attention of Belgrade guests who, whether they like it or not, usually have to pass it. City authorities have announced additional works to revitalize this well-known hot-spot and the place used to benchmark the distance across Belgrade.

The advantage of this square is certainly its fantastic connection with all parts of the city, which is also the reason why Novi apartmani suggest choosing some of the apartments located near Slavija. This time we suggest apartment Zen, a two-room apartment that will provide you with great comfort at a very reasonable price.

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