Spring in Belgrade

After a long and at times harsh winter, spring is at hand – the season in which Belgrade is beaming with joy!

Spring in Belgrade

Our city is grand, spacious and lively. Some find it charming, some strange. Some will love it, some will have hard times getting around. And everyone is perfectly right about it. Belgrade welcomes people from all parts of the world – some are here to stay, and some are just passing by. Most people in Belgrade were born here, yet their parents, as well, arrived here at some point of time. Ultimately, the city is full of diversity. Various people, cultures, habits and expectiations. And that’s something all big cities and metropolises in the world have in common.

There’s one thing most Belgrade residents will agree – Belgrade is the most beautiful in spring. Winter kept us warm in shopping malls, indoor cafes and clubs. Concerts, movie festivals, exhibitions, religious holidays, birthdays and New Year holidays – we’ve had them all during winter time. However, once the sun sets its mild rays on their faces, Belgrade residents hurl to some of the well-known places and enjoy these early spring days. Jackets, woolen sweaters and boots are left at home and light spring clothes, colourful and lively are on. And this is when people here cherish what the city has to offer – the peace, satisfaction and life’s pleasures.

During the first days of spring, and especially at weekends, everyone rushes to some well-known city locations and with their loved ones – the family, a partner, a dog perhaps or even alone and enjoys the nature, culture and cuisine. Ada Ciganlija beach, as one of the most beloved promenades is anxious to welcome its first guests. Cafes and restaurants are open, bicycles, roller skates and other gears are available for renting, and volleyball, basketball and golf courts are refurbished and ready for new, unforgettable sport competitions.


Belgrade guests will often visit Kalemegdan fortress, as this is definitely the place your host will take you to. The fortress, monuments, church, nice park, the panoramic view and the confluence of two great rivers – this is all Kalemegdan in a nutshell, and is definitely worth your time. Visitors who would like to find our more about our religion and tradition will stop by the St. Sava Temple, stroll along the Karadjordjev park and Vracar area. The Usce promenade which takes you to Zemun and Zemun river promenade is the perfect place for relaxation and meditation. Not long ago, swans also returned to Zemun promenade and add to unique charm of this place. If you prefer to be surrounded by forest and clean air, you’ll enjoy Kosutnjak area – the green, spacious and well-organised park-forest dedicated to athletes, walkers and everyone fond of nature.

Some of you will make use of this fine weather and pay a visit to the Royal residential area in Dedinje, some will visit the Musem of modern art or the National museum. Many Belgrade resident will just stroll along and wander around their favourite and most beloved city streets, such as Skadarlija, the famous bohemian quarter, or some of the most intriguing and captivating city areas, like Dorcol or Savamala.
Soon we can expect different events in Belgrade that usually take place in spring, such as Belgrade days in April or the Museum night in May, and this is indeed a treat for everyone in Belgrade. As a conclusion, for everyone living in this city and those who are visiting it, there are plenty opportunities to enjoy, as the spring time is the perfect time for this in Belgrade. The city joy comes from both within and outside.

In addition to this, each guest will even more enjoy Belgrade spring if they find a comfortable and pleasant place to stay at a very affordable price. So, do check out the web site of Novi apartmani and the sections Strict centre, New Belgrade, or Vracar and pick one of the luxurios apartments and the ones located in the very heart of this buzzing city.

No matter if you are a tourist or a resident of this city – Belgrade spring is perfect time for enjoyment.

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