Idea for a memorable new year party

The end of the year is near, so it somehow comes as natural that we are starting to think more and more often about how we're going to say goodbye to the old one and, after a really long break, finall

Idea for a memorable new year party

The end of the year is near, so it somehow comes as natural that we are starting to think more and more often about how we're going to say goodbye to the old one and, after a really long break, finally plan the proper New Year's Eve, just like we used to do.

We all deserve to enjoy the spectacular welcome of year 2023!

For nearly 3 years, we were exposed to a number of prohibitions and restraints that at certain moments had such an overwhelming and frightening effect and left us quite confused and ignorant in our 4 walls.

Although the corona virus still exists, it seems that we have learned how to successfully live with it, or in other words, we have decided to continue living our lives and not allow that a tiny microbe, however powerful it may be, to eradicate all our pleasures and joys, and permanently change the way of life that we so wholeheartedly enjoyed.

Therefore, let's plan the arrival of year 2023 the way it should be done and let’s do it on time!

Novi apartmani, one of the leading web sites for short-term rental of apartments genuinely recommends Belgrade, the entertainment capital of this part of Europe, a place where often even a regular night out can easily take on epic proportions!
Belgrade is really a city that’s just perfect for that famous "hard reset", and for proper celebration of the New Year.

However, if you expect to see a seamlessly organized city with a glamorous Advent celebration, where everything is flawless and works perfectly, in that case we recommend that you stop reading this text immediately, because Belgrade is definitely not going to be a suitable destination for you. If you do have such preferences, we recommend the spectacular Zagreb and the always fantastic Vienna. However, if you are looking for a relaxed atmosphere, crazy fun, smiles and world-known hospitality, Belgrade should definitely be at the top of your list of New Year's destinations.

For decades, this city has been a synonym for entertainment and is given the flattering nickname "Balkan Las Vegas". Countless clubs, restaurants, cafes, pubs, as well as popular river clubs are what makes the Serbian capital so recognized and which, like a giant magnet, attracts numerous entertainment and party-goers of all ages and interests, not only from the region and Europe, but also from all over the world. "Lonely Planet", one of the most prominent tourist publications today, once placed Belgrade at the top of the list of the 10 most exciting cities in the world for entertainment and nightlife.

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Just like before the pandemic, for the upcoming New Year's holidays, we can expect to see even greater entertainment offer, which will certainly make the process of making a decision where to spend New Year's Eve more difficult for Belgrade guests. Numerous clubs, river clubs, restaurants, hotels, as well as unimaginable number of cafes, will all compete with each other and try to attract guests with their unique offers. At the same time, the City Assembly, just like in the past, will enable the "craziest night" to be spent outside in the squares, streets and other places where fantastic New Year parties with a very rich entertainment program have become a tradition. Of course, this time without epidemiological measures in place!
If you decide that Belgrade is going to be your New Year's destination, make sure you find a place to stay on time. As we expect to see a huge increase in number of tourist visits during the upcoming holidays, we strongly suggest you book your accommodation as soon as possible. With so many possibilities offered, however, on this occasion we suggest that you visit Novi apartmani, one of the leading specialized web sites for daily apartment rentals in Belgrade. This website offers more than two hundred hand-picked apartments of different sizes and price ranges. All of them are situated in fantastic locations and are furnished to provide ultimate comfort to their guests, very often on a much greater level than in renowned hotels, and at a fraction of their price.

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What also makes Novi apartmani stand out is the fact that we are the leader in the market when it comes to renting of luxury apartments – the ones that provide their guests with the enjoyable atmosphere of a private spa center. So, the guests with a slightly more substantial budget, who, in addition to enjoying the New Year's partying in Belgrade, would also like to revitalize their body and mind during this trip and spend relaxing moments in the sauna, hydro-massage tubs, Turkish baths and other amenities normally found only in high-end spa centers, now have the unique opportunity to choose their "private" spa center and enjoy it, undisturbed by other users through the Novi apartmani website and the Apartments with Jacuzzi section, which is a luxury that often even renowned hotels cannot offer. When it comes to location of Belgrade accommodation, for practical reasons during the New Year's holidays we advise you to look for your New Year's Belgrade "base" in the Strict Center and Center sections. In this way, you will always be within walking distance from all major public events and gatherings, as well as the famous Belgrade restaurants, cafes and coffee shops where you may want to welcome the year 2023 with your friends and loved ones.

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However, we should not ignore the very popular locations in Belgrade that are either very well connected to the locations in the city center or are situated near the places where fantastic New Year's parties will be organized. One of them is certainly Belgrade Waterfront, an exceptional and very popular destination that is packed with luxurious facilities that will certainly culminate during the New Year and Christmas holidays. Of course, there is also the ever-popular Vračar, a favorite location with unique facilities and great restaurants and cafes, which, given their offer and charm, are not at all lagging behind the restaurants and bars of Barcelona, New York and Paris.

Due to the expected high interest, check out Novi apartmani web site on time, pick accommodation to suit your taste and budget and set out to enjoy a completely new Belgrade New Year's adventure that you will remember for your whole life. Make sure and plan this spectacular New Year party in Belgrade. You deserve it!

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