Relaxing effects of a modern spa center

We are all already familiar with the relaxing and beneficial effects of modern SPA centers, which you can now rent for yourself.

Relaxing effects of a modern spa center

In recent years, we have increasingly come across the terms Spa, Spa center, Hydro-therapy and the like. In fact, the beneficial effects of mineral elements from water used for medicinal purposes have been widely known and applied long ago. These treatments are often referred to as balneotherapy. The positive effect of balneotherapy comes from the healing properties of the chemical and mineral ingredients of the bath and their absorption through the skin.

However, the positive effects of therapy in cases of injury and illness are not the only benefits of healing baths, but also physical and mental relaxation. This is a traditional medicine of many cultures, based on the positive effects of the mineral elements of water from hot and cold springs, seawater or healing mud. Sea water and medicinal mud, because of their minerals and healing effects, were used in the time of the ancient Greeks and Romans. There are many historical records about this, but the benefits of these natural resources have been known much earlier. In addition to therapies and treatments for various conditions and injuries, medicinal mud or clay are being used today for aesthetic purposes as well.

In ancient Egypt, the famous Cleopatra used healing clay to preserve its complexion. However, many nations also believe that bathing or washing with spring water also leads to mental and spiritual purification. Because of this, water is still used today in various religious ceremonies and rites. Throughout history, the sites rich in springs and medicinal clay, the so-called spas, have evolved and become increasingly popular. One such location in Belgium, well known in Roman times, gave us the name most commonly used today – Spa.
The Spa is every place dedicated to overall well-being which offers a variety of professional services that stimulate purification, regeneration and renewal of mind, body and spirit.

Hydro-therapy, balneotherapy and other names are united around the same goal - relaxation, soothing effect on the entire body, relaxation, regeneration, as well as general health of body and spirit.
In America, the name "Hot tub" is often used. The name is used for a larger tub or a smaller pool intended for relaxation and hydrotherapy. These tubs also often have very powerful massage jets and are called Jacuzzi tubs. Today, such baths and even saunas can be found in our homes, but more often people visit the so-called Spa Centers, which offer them a wide range of services aimed primarily at the modern man's need for relaxation and hedonism.


We in NOVI APARTMANI offer a large number of luxury apartments in different locations, which include hot tubs, saunas, salt rooms, aroma showers and even a swimming pool, and are intended primarily for pleasure and relaxation. We will now list below the following 5 apartments that will meet all your needs for relaxation, at very affordable prices.

DOMINO is an apartment located in a new building in Zorana Djindjica Boulevard in New Belgrade. This apartment offers a large Jacuzzi and sauna, which will contribute to the genuine spa treatment of our guests. The apartment is located near the Highway, Delta City shopping mall and SC Usce which speaks of its superb location. Nearby is also DOMINO 2. This apartment features a jacuzzi tub and infrared sauna. The infrared sauna is very popular because, unlike standard saunas, it is made of Nordic spruce wood with fragrant resins that create a relaxing atmosphere.

IMPERIJA is the apartment located in the heart of New Belgrade, which guarantees its guests unforgettable moments of enjoyment and relaxation with superb equipment and facilities. Sauna, steam bath and even two jacuzzi tubs, one in the apartment and the other on the terrace, which, due to the underfloor heating, gives the possibility for the guests of the apartment to enjoy the magic of outdoor hot tub during the winter.

AFRODITA is an apartment with a jacuzzi, located in Vidska Street in Dusanovac near the Sports Center Sumice. The location of this apartment is excellent because of its proximity to the highway, the Temple of St. Sava and Autokomanda area. Afrodita is an unusually comfortable apartment with a Jacuzzi tub for two. The interior is hand-picked, with quality materials, plasterwork, lighting arrangements, colorful patterns which contribute to its unique appearance.

KAPRI apartment is located in Krusevacka Street in Vozdovac area. Special attention in this apartment is drawn by the Jacuzzi tub, designed for two, very elegant and will surely provide proper pleasure. This high quality apartment has a fully equipped kitchen and bathroom as standard.

BALKAN is an accommodation located in Balkanska Street, one of the oldest and most famous streets in Belgrade. For those who do not know where this street is located - it is a great location just a few minutes walk from Knez Mihailova Street and the Republic Square. Also, there is a highway exit in the relative vicinity. The apartment covers over 45 square meters and is dominated by a black jacuzzi tub for two with the latest technology provided. It is a high-quality, fully equipped apartment, in which all the details and elements were carefully picked.

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