Rent apartment per day in Belgrade

Short term renting of apartments, widely known as – daily renting, has in the last several years significantly increased its popularity, therefore becoming the part of Belgrade tourist offer.

Rent apartment per day in Belgrade

For years, the rest of the world has been offering the short term renting of apartments, but Belgrade is not far behind, as well. One may even say that the service of daily renting in Belgrade provides the best price/quality ratio. Our own experience, as well as the one of our regular guests, confirms this. In the neighbouring countries, you can barely rent a decent, well-located studio for less than 50eur. And we offer such apartments for as little as 30-35 eur, as a minimum.
If you are also searching for the most affordable stay in Belgrade, then your best choice should definitely be the daily renting. This service includes daily renting of apartments, for one or more days, that is, as long as you need. The price is determined at the daily renting level, and the longer you stay, the more affordable price you will get. Regular guests are always granted the possibility of staying in our apartments at more affordable prices.

When it all started?

Daily renting in Belgrade started out more than 12 years ago. This was primarily the result of the poor economic situation, forcing the majority of guests to reduce their accommodation costs in Belgrade as much as possible. Hotel accommodation was at the time quite expensive and failed to meet all the guests’ needs. Affordable prices, greater comfort and the possibility of own catering and laundry are some of the reasons why these kinds of services have been gradually used by more and more people.
For the guests who do not see the price as the critical factor, the need for such accommodation arose from the desire for greater privacy, comfort and luxury. Most often, their choice is daily renting of luxury apartments or daily renting of apartments with jacuzzi.

And the guests are?

There’s a misconception that this kind of service is primarily used by couples, because our experience tells different. The majority of our guests are business people, tourists from all over the world, young people from the neighbouring countries, Serbian people living abroad, but also the people who come to Belgrade for medical treatments or for education purposes.
The main purpose of daily renting of apartments is to make them all feel at home, no matter what their reason for arriving to Belgrade may be.

Novi Apartmani – A smart choice

Years of experience in renting the accommodation in Belgrade have enabled us to recognise all the things our guests need and to continuously improve our services and their quality. Most of our apartments is modern and in the best locations in the city. Privacy, comfort, flexibility , but authenticity, as well, make the basis of the daily renting service that we offer to all our guests.
In our offer, there are more than 200 apartments of different structures, interiors and prices. Apart from the city centre, we can offer you the apartments in the areas of Vračar, New Belgrade and in other popular locations. At any time, we are able to offer you the apartment in Belgrade, in accordance with your requirements.
If you would like to make the most of your stay in Belgrade, in the superb accommodation with minimal costs, then this is the place for you.

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