The safest accommodation during the COVID-19 pandemic

During the corona virus pandemic, it is becoming more and more important what accommodation to choose in Belgrade, as hygiene, air conditioning and lack of gathering are seen as imperative.

The safest accommodation during the COVID-19 pandemic

The corona virus has definitely changed the habits of people worldwide. This is perhaps most visible in tourism, catering and hotel industry.

Today, guests and service users are very cautious about some of the things that, although important, were not in focus before. Crowds, seating arrangements, type of air conditioning, high level of hygiene and disinfection are today more important than ever and often constitute factors that influence the final choice of guests. Features that used to be an advantage have now become a disadvantage.

Given the current pandemic, it is not surprising at all that guests now use all these criteria when making their final decision on the choice of accommodation. For example, state-of-the-art central air conditioning systems that we can see only in major prominent hotel chains today are a feature that most guests would gladly avoid. Also, many renowned hotels in Belgrade whose main asset was a premium spa center are unable to offer quality spa services any more, while entertainment in hotel bars and well-known restaurants is limited.

Due to the whole situation, and considering the luxury and comfort that most apartments provide to their guests, apartments in Belgrade are definitely becoming the primary source of accommodation, even among the visitors who have always preferred hotels for their stay in the Serbian capital.


When you visit our website, at first glance you can notice a high dose of luxury that most apartments in our website offer. Given the hygiene and disinfection concerns in these apartments, which is now raised to an even higher level, it is completely understandable that our apartments are becoming the first choice of all who come to Belgrade these days.

Another great advantage of staying in apartments is certainly the absolute control of access and the absence of a crowd of people, which in hotels is simply inevitable, despite the application of all epidemiological measures in the lobby, restaurant and reception. Also, the absence of central air conditioning greatly reduces the possibility of mixing air with other hotel rooms.

A very important fact is that in apartments there is no possibility for you to be kept in quarantine because some hotel guests have symptoms of COVID-19. Moreover, apartment accommodation capacities throughout the city are places that our citizens choose for self-isolation in order to protect themselves and the health of their family members.

However, the real advantage of apartment accommodation will be experienced if you’re looking for hedonism, even during a pandemic situation. If you visit the Apartments with Jacuzzi section on the Novi apartmani website, you will have the opportunity to enjoy a private spa center reserved only for you and your beloved persons without any epidemiological risk, because the high level of hygiene has even been significantly raised nowadays, and disinfection of hydromassage systems is done regularly.

With or without corona virus, we must go on with our lives and enjoy ourselves. Reward your body with a top spa treatment in one of the many luxury apartments that you will find at Novi apartmani.

Enjoy and be responsible!

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