Why do we need a holiday?

Going on holiday is a necessity, not luxury and is by all means an important factor affecting our overall mental and physical state.

Why do we need a holiday?

Going on holiday or taking a break from the daily schedule is immensely important or even necessary for many of us, if we want to go through the rest of the year. We have all too often heard that the modern way of living, hurry and accumulated stress lead to premature burn out, mental and physical issues, even development of illnesses. Job, family and other social duties we all have to fulfill can be time-consuming, so taking a break nowadays is the privilege only a few can enjoy.

And indeed, each one of us should be entitled to a daily, weekly and annual leave. And the very duration of such leave is not a universal category, but rather, depends on a number of factors. We all have certain expectations from our holiday, commonly quite opposite our usual lifestyle. For example, people living in major cities are affected with a hasty and stressful life full of noise and pollution, which leads to exhaustion and mental and physical fatigue. This does not imply that people living in small towns have no need for relaxation. Without going into the specificities of each profession and consequences it may leave on a person, living in small towns also imposes a need for a proper holiday. Although not exposed to traffic jams, polluted air and buzzing environment, people from small towns tend to feel bored and constrained by everyday routine. These kinds of feelings lead to dissatisfaction which significantly takes away your life’s energy and enthusiasm, and taking a break in this case implies change. Going somewhere else or to the nature, meeting new people and places, and in a nutshell, spending time in the environment far different from your everyday life. This will definitely be refreshing and help you recharge your batteries.

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A research concluded that workaholics and everyone else significantly affected by their work should have a holiday of at least three weeks, continuously. Is this always possible?

Another research shows that if you want to have quality living and good health, including outstanding job performance and creativity, it is important to make a break once in two months. Some countries make it possible to “shorten” Fridays and have an extended weekend each week. When choosing their career, some people will focus on the jobs which enable them to be mobile, so that they can make a break and travel for a day or two.

If we spare a moment thinking about this topic, no matter if we are the ones working all the time and on the go, or the ones who prefer to sit and be organised around routines and habits, any change in surrounding, new faces and some other horizons around us, and no matter how insignificant, will make our life more beautiful, purposeful and better.

This is why we from Novi apartmani suggest that you definitely find some time during the year and dedicate yourself to your family, closest friends or even yourself. It is irrelevant where and with whom, the only thing important is that you find it meaningful.

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