apartment Twin, Center, Belgrade
apartment Twin, Center, Belgrade

Apartment Twin is located in Jelene Cetkovic street, in the very heart of Belgrade. The exact location is halfway between the taverns Banija and Kopitareva Gradina, in Stari Grad municipality. In front of the apartment you can find a children playground and Jovan Cvijic Museum. In the immediate neighbourhood and within 5-10 minutes of walking you can get to Skadarlija street, the Republic Square, the National Theatre, the National Museum...

Apartment Twin is a modern and comfortable two-bedroom apartment, located in Stari Grad municipality.

When you enter the apartment, you'll see the kitchen and dining area (accessed directly through the hallway), bathroom and two bedrooms. 

The aesthetic qualities and the number of features it has really put this apartment into the category of upper-middle class of apartments. The main room which connects all other areas of the apartment is the kitchen and is very practical and well-organised. Immediately behind this main room, there's the living room consisting of two areas - the sitting area and sleeping area. The sitting area has two charming armchairs with a modern coffee table, suitable for coffee and magazines, while the remaining area is dominated by a nice double bed with upholstered head board. Looking from the main room, on the right hand side of the entrance, you'll see another bedroom with a double bed with a very decent oak tree interior.  The bathroom is made of high-quality material and has modern equipment and tempered glass shower. The sleeping arrangement is ideal for two couples, as the bedrooms are located on opposite sides of the apartment, from the perspective of the main room.

In addition to the superb and modern furnishings in the apartment, we should also point out all the details and small things necessary for the comfortable and perfect stay in the apartment, even for longer periods of time. There's a parking area 300m from the apartment, but you'll need to make a request in advance.