A favorite symbol of Belgrade

He is a swift, gentle and tireless singer, and you can see him all the time in Belgrade streets, squares and parks. He is rightfully considered one of the symbols of Belgrade.

A favorite symbol of Belgrade

One of the symbols of our capital is certainly the sparrow - a gentle, swift, cheerful and singing bird that you can’t simply miss when visiting the Serbian capital.

However, it is not the number of sparrows in Belgrade that made it a symbol of the city. As always, there is a legend that goes as far back as to the fifteenth century and the period of the Ottoman rule in Serbia. During Sultan Mehmed II's attack on Belgrade, the battle was uncertain and unpredictable almost until the very end, due to heavy losses for both sides.

On July 22, Belgrade finally defended its freedom and the Ottomans were forced to withdraw to the other side of the river. However, the true face of war revealed only after the battle was over. The city was bathed in blood and corpses were scattered on the pavements, with the survivors hopelessly wandering the streets hoping to find their loved ones, alive or dead. The tragedy of the event is most profoundly represented by the sight of a small sparrow, which shared the fate of a pile of human bodies.

Legend has it that three arrows were shot through the sparrow. Despite its tiny body, the sparrow took 3 shots and saved 3 Serbian soldiers, thus becoming a symbol of immense heroism and courage.

Due to numerous changes in the habits of the population, the process of urbanization, climatic and environmental factors, sparrows are increasingly retreating from the urban areas to the city outskirts, where they are able to find more food and greater freedom. However, the population of sparrows during a year can vary greatly, because a huge number of young birds die during the winter.

Society for the Protection and Study of Birds of Serbia reports that at the beginning of the year Serbia has about five million sparrows, and at the end of the summer, after period of nesting, about ten million. However, due to lack of food and shelter during the winter season, only half of these birds live to spring time. Magpies and crows also feed on young sparrows, snatching them while still in the nest.

Despite all of the above, the fact is that the sparrow is still the most widespread bird, not only in Belgrade, but on the entire planet.

If you are a genuine lover of nature and birds, stop by Belgrade and meet its favorite resident, and while visiting the capital's many sights, enjoy the cheerful song of these tiny birds.

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