Aeronautical Museum Belgrade

An all-time attraction for all fans of airplanes, helicopters, technology and everything related to one of the humankind’s eternal desires – flying.

Aeronautical Museum Belgrade

In the immediate vicinity of the Belgrade airport "Nikola Tesla", you can visit the Aeronautical Museum. This museum, being one of the ten largest Aviation Museums in the world, has been housed in a circular building with a glass facade, with the size of 6,000 square meters, ever since 1989. The museum was founded back in 1957 and owns a respectable collection of more than 200 aircraft, 130 engines, radars, rockets and other aviation equipment, including the library with over 20,000 professional publications and other artifacts related to the field of civil and military aviation.

The open-air exhibition installed around this unique building offers more than 50 iconic aircraft that marked the history of aviation.

The permanent exhibition of this museum consists of some of the legendary planes from the Second World War for which the Belgrade Aeronautics Museum is widely known. There are Messerschmitt Me-109, Spitfire Mk.Vc, Yakovlev Yak-3, Hariken Mk.IV, Ilyushin Il-2 and Thunderbolt P-47.

Once respectable and very innovative at the time, our domestic aviation industry also deservedly occupies a prominent place in the museum's display. There is Ivan Sarić's famous plane from 1910, Fizir FN, Ikarus S-49C, the first domestic jet planes 451M and 451MM Stršljen II, as well as Aero-2, Soko 522, Utva 66, Kraguj, Galeb and the prototype of the famous fighter- Orao J-22 jet-fighter.

The outdoor area of the Museum, in addition to several military aircrafts, offers civil aviation aircraft, such as the famous airplane and the pride of the former Yugoslav airlines JAT - Caravel SE-210, then Junkers Ju-52, Ilyushin Il-14, Douglas DC-3, Short Sealand Mk.I, and DHC-2 Beaver.

The museum's collection also contains helicopters, the prominent ones being the helicopters of the famous Soviet constructors Kamov (Ka-28) and Milo (Mi-4A).

The collection of the Belgrade Aeronautics Museum also contains some exclusive items that have been preserved only in Belgrade. One of them is certainly the Fiat G 50, the famous fighter plane from the Second World War, the only example in the world preserved in the Belgrade Museum. In addition to this, you can also see artifacts from the recent past, the exposed remains of the famous stealth bomber, Lockheed F 117 A, the pride of the US Airforce, which was shut down by the Yugoslav Air Force in 1999 and which crashed near the village of Buđanovci.

Part of the Museum is also a real flight simulator for the Boeing 737-800. It is a professional simulator used for pilot training and is available to anyone who wants to try it. In addition to Belgrade, this simulator in Europe can only be used in London, Berlin, Brussels and Prague.

Novi apartmani recommends that all the aviation enthusiasts should visit this museum and enjoy the rich collection of world aviation from its beginnings to the present day, and also enjoy the fantastic opportunity to pilot a large Boeing in a real flight simulator that just might have been used by the very pilot of the plane that brought you to the Nikola Tesla Airport.

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