Aviation museum - Belgrade

All aviation enthusiasts, boys, and all those who refuse to grow up, are definitely going to enjoy another Belgrade famous sight – the Aviation museum.

Aviation museum - Belgrade

At the Belgrade airport “Nikola Tesla”, in the immediate vicinity of the building with departure and arrival terminals, you can notice an unusual architectural premise. The glass round-shaped building surrounded by several old civilian and army aircrafts and other testimonials of aviation equipment is actually the building of the Aviation museum, one of the largest museums of this kind in Europe. Six thousand square meters of exhibition area offers a respectable treasury of more than 200 aircrafts and several hundred engines, radars, rockets, parts, publications, photos and other artifacts relating to civilian and military aviation.


The Aviation museum was founded in 1960, however, the shape as it is today came to life only in 1989, when the Museum was moved to this representative venue. Today the museum treasury is presented both inside the closed exhibition area and outside the building, in open-air where you can see the largest aircraft models, such as the Caravelle, the famous passenger jet plane, proudly owned by the Yugoslav Airlines in the past, and the cargo aircraft Douglas C-47, and there are also some of the helicopter legends, such as the products of famous Soviet constructors the Kamov (Ka-28) and the Mil (Mi-4a) and many others.

The Belgrade Aviation museum also offers a number of exclusive models. One of the most important artifacts is Fiat G 50, the famous fighter plane from WWII, and the only remaining model is kept right here in Belgrade. In addition to this rarity, you can see the exhibition of the remains of the famous “invisible” stealth plane Lockheed F 117 A, the pride of the US Airforce, which was hit by the Yugoslav Air Defence unit and which subsequently “landed” into the area of village of Budjanovci.


Web site noviapartmani.com recommends to all its guests and aviation lovers to visit this museum and enjoy the great exhibition of world aviation, from its very beginning until the present day.
The museum is easily reached – you can take the mini bus A1 from the Slavija square, or take the regular line 72 from the starting terminus Zeleni venac.

We strongly recommend to all our guests to try and find an hour or so and visit this museum before they embark on their return flight.

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