Belgrade from different perspectives

You can get to know Belgrade in all sorts of ways, from light strolls to helicopter tours. One thing is sure, however – good fun guaranteed!

Belgrade from different perspectives

Sightseeing tour typically implies going round a city you’ve never been before to and getting to know its sights, history, interesting spots and venues. A more direct approach when getting to know a city has a number of advantages, yet it requires that a visitor is very keen on exploring and meeting new people, and perhaps the most important thing, it is rather time-consuming and sometimes exhausting. That’s why this kind of self-organised city sightseeing tours is intended primarily for younger tourists. For all those who are short of time, the elderly visitors, or the ones who would like to hear the accurate information from an experienced professional on the place they arrived at for the first time – they could independently explore the rest of the city later on, of course – the organised sightseeing tours are the best deal.

Belgrade is not at all behind the world capitals when it comes to organised sightseeing tours. Due to its vast offer and rich history, Belgrade provides a number of sightseeing tours tailored to appeal to different tastes. The tours vary in terms of the subject, theme and means of transport – starting from light strolls to helicopter tours.

For all the guests visiting Belgrade for the first time, web site recommends that you should seek a tourist guide who will introduce you in the most professional manner to the interesting and historical facts Belgrade is so much famous for.

One of the simplest, but not at all the least interesting possibilities is a guided Belgrade sightseeing walking tour with charming tourist guides. The spring is coming and the fine weather – the two additional reasons to enjoy the walking tour. During such tour, the guide will gladly inform you about the every single detail on Belgrade history, arts, nightlife, habits and favourite venues of Belgrade residents.

Apart from this walking tour, you will have the opportunity to step into the history and embark on a wonderful tour “Conquering the fortress” which includes visiting a well-known Belgrade fortress Kalemegdan. This central fortress is not only a favourite among the couples, students and old people who come here for a game of chess. There is a spectacular view of the two rivers and an island, but the fortress is also the venue which offers you to look into the past and understand why Belgrade has always, throughout its history, been one of the favourite places to settle in, but also, to conquer. In this tour you can also visit the Roman well, Sahat tower, Nebojsa tower, and find out why the statue of Victor was sculptured, when and how Belgrade became the capital of Serbia and get insight into a number of fascinating details related to this significant historical location.

If you feel you should do more than these two tours, and you have plenty of time, you can choose from other different tours, such as “Belgrade endowers” where you can get to know numerous fantastic buildings and hear about the history of prominent Belgrade residents who dedicated their property to their city. You can also embark on exploring the palaces in the tour named “Belgrade palaces” and find out more about the legacy of former kings and rulers. Finally, web site recommends the “Sweet tour”, the one not so much related to historical battles, but offers equally intensive pleasure in savouring the sweets and cakes the modern Belgrade is so rich in. Don’t worry about putting on a few pounds, as these calories will burn in no time, as you walk from one candy store to another.

There are also some other interesting ways of organised tours through Belgrade. The visitors who would rather rest their feet can join the “Segway tours“ and get to know some interesting parts of this city and at the same time enjoy the ride in this rather unusual vehicle. The most popular Segway tour is “Kalemegdan fortress ride”.

For all those preferring to be laid back in a seat, there’s a tram tour named “A streetcar named Belgrade”. The tram ride takes an hour and you can ride through the old city centre. The ride is entirely free of charge, but you should book you seat in the tram on time.

The visitors who prefer the open bus tours can join the organised tours where, with the assistance of tourist guides, they can get to know Belgrade in more detail and hear some interesting facts from Belgrade history.
One of the most original ways to get to know Belgrade is straight from the rivers. There’s indeed a vast offer of various organised boat tours, and the visitors can spend a relaxing day, the genuine river experience, and find out everything they want to know from our great tourist guides. Some of the boats are very well equipped and offer great experience and the guests, if they want, have the opportunity to enjoy the specialities of our cuisine, so the perfect experience is guaranteed.

Finally, for all those who feel they’ve seen it all, or who want entirely different view of the confluence of the Sava and the Danube, there’s an organised helicopter tour, providing you with the bird view of Belgrade – an unforgettable experience.

For all additional information, please contact the Tourist organisation of Belgrade, but also web site, where we can gladly assist you with the choice of the best tours to suit your needs and wishes.

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