Belgrade National Theater

This theater institution and the home to the most prominent theater artists in Serbia has for the last 150 years been located in a memorable building right across the central Belgrade square.

Belgrade National Theater

Right across the Republic Square and the National Museum is the magnificent National Theater building. The National Theater in Belgrade is the oldest theater in the city and is one of the oldest in Serbia. It was founded in 1869, but during the first year the plays took place in the inn "At the Queen of England", and from 1869 almost all great Serbian actors have performed in plays at the stage of this theatre.

The struggle for the establishment of the National Theater in Belgrade was long and tumultuous. At the time, Belgrade was nowhere near today's capital city. It was a town of 25,000 residents that just got liberated from the Turkish oppression and began its transformation from a Turkish town into a modern European city. For these reasons, as well as due to the wishes of the inhabitants of Belgrade, the establishment of a permanent National Theater was immensely important.

This bold endeavor was led by Prince Aleksandar Karađorđević himself, who through his efforts and personal donations tried to contribute to the establishment of this cultural institution. Unfortunately, Prince Alexander did not live enough to witness it, but after several attempts at different locations, the National Theater was finally built and opened its doors to an incredible audience of 800 fellow citizens on October 30, 1869 with the play "The Posthumous Glory of Prince Michael.“

Since then, the building has been thoroughly reconstructed several times and today the National Theater has 1,000 square meters, four floors and two blocks. In block A there is the Main Stage, and in Block B there is the "Rasa Plaovic" stage.

Even today, the National Theater is a memorable Belgrade city landmark. The plays performed in this theater that caused the most attention are certainly "Dervish and Death", "Great Drama" and "Mrs. Minister", and opera and ballet are becoming more and more popular among the younger visitors, normally held at the National Theater, at least until the construction of the Belgrade Opera House is finalized.

Due to its rich history and a notable role in the development of culture of the entire Serbian society, the National Theater also features its museum.

The entrance to the Museum of the National Theater is located at Dositejeva 2 and is a place that will best present the rich and diverse history of this cultural institution, which has left an indelible mark not only in this area, but throughout Europe.

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Considering the current situation, we suggest that you plan and book in advance the tickets for theatre plays. And of course, the situation imposes that we should all exercise due care and responsibility for ourselves and others around us.

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