Beo Zoo as the ultimate tourist site during Covid 19 times

Regardless of the size and number of animals, each city is proud of its Zoo as it’s always an attractive site which generates great interest.

Beo Zoo as the ultimate tourist site during Covid 19 times

The pandemic has affected everyone. In terms of business, the pandemic has almost entirely shut down a large number of industries, while most other business owners are struggling to survive and explore some new business opportunities. However, the pandemic has equally affected each one of us, by making us change the habits we have acquired all these years. One of the changes certainly refers to social life, and that was equally felt by adolescents and families.

That’s why we remind all parents, and of course all animal lovers, that Belgrade is one of the few cities in Europe to open a zoo in the first half of the last century.

The Belgrade Zoo, or Beo Zoo for short, was opened as far back as 1936. The citizens of Belgrade immediately started coming to this place with particular joy and very soon fell in love with this unique institution.


At the beginning, the zoo covered an area of three and a half hectares, but it was soon expanded to as much as fourteen hectares. Unfortunately, due to the huge demolition and severe loss of the animal fund that the zoo suffered then, after the war the area covered reduced to about seven hectares, as much as it is now.

However, one of the very interesting things about the Garden of Good Hope, as it is sometimes called, is its location. Belgrade Zoo is located almost in the city center, tucked between the ancient walls of the Kalemegdan Fortress, so a light stroll along the city and Kalemegdan will easily take you right to the Beo Zoo.

Beo Zoo is an ideal destination for all those who enjoy spending the day outdoors with their family, because the zoo officials are paying special attention to the youngest citizens, which is why most of stop by the zoo to visit lions, camels, hippos and many other, more or less exotic animals a couple of times a year.

Belgrade Zoo is located in the area known as Mali Kalemegdan, as a part of the most important historical site, and is home to many exotic species such as white lions and tigers, giraffes, zebras and antelopes, hippos and seals, reptiles, bears, wolves, monkeys, elephants and numerous birds. The total number of individual species living in the zoo is around 1,800 with about 200 different species.


As we have already mentioned, the Belgrade Zoo pays special attention to its youngest visitors, so the Children's Zoo was opened within it, which allows the youngest to play in the playground, spend time in the adventure park, and at the same time caress and help mini goats, alpacas, ponies and be in direct contact with animals.

If you are planning a visit to the capital of Serbia, we from Novi apartmani suggest that you plan a visit to Beo Zoo. All epidemiologists suggest spending time outdoor, and we think that an institution like Beo Zoo really has a lot of interesting and useful things to offer. It may not, however, be the largest and most modern and it may not have all the animals in the world, but its environment, location and of course, friendly hosts make it unique and therefore you should definitely feel the charming atmosphere of this place.

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