Cradle of mankind is in Belgrade

Only 14 km away from Belgrade, you can see the excavations of a Neolithic settlement and the remains of the Vinča culture, which covered the territory of considerable size.

Cradle of mankind is in Belgrade

If you want to learn more about prehistoric people and the period around 7,000 BC, as well as the remains of Neolithic culture in this area, you do not have to go far from the center of Belgrade.

Only 14 km away from Belgrade, there are excavations of a Neolithic settlement and the remains of the Vinča culture, which covered the territory of considerable size. This is certainly the largest prehistoric settlement from this period found in this area, which exceeds all settlements from that and even later period, in terms of size and population.

The prehistoric site of Vinca, Belo brdo, is located on the right bank of the Danube, on an area covering as much as 10 hectares. Remains of dugouts and goods that depict the way of life in the period from 4,500 to 3,200 BC are found in the cultural layer 10.5 meters thick. The peak of the development of Vinča culture was in the period around 3,800 BC, as shown by plenty of objects found at this locality. Today, the objects found in Vinča can be seen exhibited at the National Museum in Belgrade, the Museum of the City of Belgrade, as well as at the Faculty of Philosophy in Belgrade.

In addition to the characteristic anthropomorphic and zoomorphic figurines found at this location, there are numerous ceramic objects, ceramic tableware and other household items, tools made of animal bones, stone, precious jewelry, objects created at this place or purchased and brought from more remote areas of Europe.


Archaeological excavations at this unusual site began at the very beginning of the twentieth century and have continued to this day. The knowledge gained by researching this archeological site and objects found at this location changed the previous knowledge and contributed to a better understanding of prehistoric people, as well as to the perception of the territory of the Central Balkans as the cultural center of Europe at the time. All the goods and remnants of material culture that have been found speak in favor of the high culture of life and housing in this time thousands of years before us.

The Vinca culture discovered the secret of finding ores and melting metals more than 7,000 years ago, and thus carried out the greatest technological revolution of mankind. Vinca created the first "European Union" that stretched from the Aegean to the Black Sea and established international trade in that area. The people of Vinča had money from shells, and they used symbols for communication, which some scientists consider the beginning of the letter.

The archeological site of Vinča certainly deserves to be on the to-do-list of every guest of Belgrade who wants to get acquainted with interesting historical facts first hand. Then we recommend that you definitely go on one of the organized tours in which the curators of the Archaeological Museum and the entire Vinca complex will present in a very fun and interactive way many facts about this ancient culture, which Belgrade people are very proud of. Before you head to Belgrade, make sure you visit the web site of Novi apartmani and pick one of numerous comfortable and luxury apartments at very affordable prices.

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