Dive into the underwater world in Senjak

In Belgrade you can find out more about the underwater world, fascinating lizards and reptiles. This all can be seen in Senjak, the place where you would never expect to see anything like this.

Dive into the underwater world in Senjak

In Senjak area, surrounded by the peace and quiet of luxury Belgrade villas, there is a quite incredible phenomenon for a continental capital city, such as Belgrade. This is the Belgrade Public Aquarium and Tropicarium, a place perfect for all those fond of nature, aquatic ecosystems, fish and reptiles, birds, but also other pets and small animals.

This is an abundant collection of various species of fish, reptiles, hedgehogs, birds and other animals coming from all parts of the world. Great content and a decent collection from all over the world, which is constantly growing, makes this place a unique location in our capital and one of the must-see places when visiting Belgrade. Naturally, the aquarium and tropicarium are especially fascinating for children. Education and not only entertainment, is one of the key goals of the Public Aquarium and Tropicarium, for both the experts in the area and children, pet owners and virtually, all nature lovers.

The tropicarium collection includes specially designed thematic units such as lakes with Koi carps, reptile corner, marine complex with organisms found in tropical and Adriatic area, then there is an aquarium system with small organisms, bonsai corner, aquarium with piranhas, birds from Africa, the pillar with vivariums, terrariums and aquariums, goldfish, hedgehogs and turtles, baby corner. Here you can also see natural, semi-precious and precious stones for use in aquariums, miniature fountains, zen gardens, feng shui aquariums and much more. There is also an aquarium with sea fish from the movie "Finding Nemo", which will be specially amazing for children and fans of this famous animated film.


Feeding time of all these residents of this place, which are so unusual considering the tame habitats of Serbia, are probably the most popular periods to visit this place. So you can participate in the feeding of bloodthirsty piranhas and other predators that are part of the permanent exhibition at the Public Aquarium and Tropicarium.

If you are a genuine nature lover and you are planning a visit to Belgrade, you must take some time and visit the aquarium and tropicarium. And this is even more obligatory if you are a parent, because your little ones will be delighted. Are you afraid of reptiles, beetles, dangerous fish? This is a perfect place to face your fears in a completely safe and controlled environment.

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